Colin Kaepernick has been in the News recently not for something he has done but for something he has not done. The NFL quarterback has not been standing when the national anthem was sung at the start of the San Francisco 49ers Football games that he would later play in. Up until now, many people have had much to say about the football player's silent protest.

While some people have had negative things to say about Kaepernick's views, some people have supported him, including President Barack Obama. Some teammates and other sports figures are following Kaepernick's example and are also refusing to stand.

President Obama's explanation

Celebrities have spoken out about the football's protest. Now the President of the United States has broken his silence. President Obama did not beat around the bush. He came right out and said thatNFL Kaepernick was exercising hisconstitutional right tobring attention to racial injustice by not taking part in the national anthem at the start ofSan Francisco 49ersfootball games.

The president continued by saying he did not doubt that the 28-year-old football player's sincerity to highlight social issues.

Reaction to Kaepernick's protest

The NFL does not require players to stand for the national anthem. Like Obama, officials of theSan Francisco 49ers admit Kaepernick’ is within his rights not to stand.

Some coaches say even though it is not a requirement, they expect members of their team to stand no matter what their personal feelings are.

Obama reminded the public that Kaepernick is not the only one who has exercised constitutional rights again injustice. In fact, there isa long list of sports professionals who are protesting in silence.

Athletes in other leagues supportKaepernick.

People in the military do not support the football player's silent protest. The national anthem and the flag mean a lot to the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for this country.

Therefore, they just can't go along with Kaepernick and others who are beginning tosit or kneel instead of standing during the singing of the national anthem.

What is your honest opinion about the silent protests of sports figures?

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