Predicted winner: New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints easily have the upper hand on the offensive side. They have both a stronger running game as well as a passing game. With Drew Brees running the Saints’ offense they have a better chance of having a high scoring game and that is the kind of game the Saints need in order to win the game. The Saints are also historically better in the Superdome than they are on the road, and this game is at home for the Saints which gives them a slight advantage.

However, the Oakland Raiders had a betterpreseason record and have a better defense overall. They have the strength on the line that the Saints lack on both the offensive and defensive sides.

The Raiders defense also has more scoring potential than the Saints defense has.

Gameplay predictions

This game is likely going to come down to Red Zone defense, and that is the one part of the Saint defense that hasn’t faltered as much as other parts have. The Raiders have the better defense and give up less points than the Saints do, so ultimately the game will come down to the offensive sides, and the Saints have a better offensive squad.

If the Raiders want a chance at winning their opening game, they need to keep the Saints offense off the field, which will also tire out their already weak defense. Improvements need to be made to the running game as Oakland doesn’t have an exceptionally strong running back like the Saints have in Mark Ingram.

This game could also be decided by turnovers. The Raiders had more takeaways than the Saints did in 2015, but they had a worse turnover differential, as the Raiders also had more giveaways than the Saints did. If the Saints defense becomes more aggressive as promised, then they should be able to cause crucial turnovers that will keeptheir offense off the field, which is the biggest key to winning the game.

Regardless of how this game turns out, it will be a hard fought win for either team, and the score differential isn’t likely to be a large one. Saints versus Raiders is a pretty even Week One match up, and with both teams testing the waters, the game isn’t likely to be a pretty one, but it will be a game worth watching.

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