The New Orleans Saints lost every single one of their preseason games this year, for the second year in a row. However, the preseason is when teams are testing out new players and trying to make cuts from their roster. Teams that are in a rebuilding period like the Saints are typically do poorly. Despite having a losing record last year, the offense was second in the league and with no drastic changes being made to the offense, it is safe to say that the Saints are looking to hold that ranking.

On the Players

Drew Brees saw the least field time of the three quarterbacks that played in the preseason, but out of all three, he had the best completion percentage, as to be expected of the team’s star quarterback.

Brees’s years of experience will help him to make better use of Thomas than either Luke McCown or Garrett Grayson, the other quarterbacks on the Saints Roster. Grayson may have logged the most minutes in the preseason, but he did the worst in completion terms.

Both players that the Saints drafted from The Ohio State University, Michael Thomas and Vonn Bell, made the final roster and already showed promise in the preseason. Vonn Bell got 17 tackles, and 16 of them were solo tackles. It is clear that the new rookie safety is going to make a big difference during the year. Michael Thomas racked up 95 yards in just 6 passes in the preseason. Thomas has to potential to be the offensive weapon the Saints need to replace Jimmy Graham.

Looking Forward to the Regular Season

The Saints start the season off with a home game versus the Oakland Raiders, which is a good match up for the Saints considering the Raiders defense was ranked 22nd in the league last year. That ranking is better than their 24th ranked offense, which is something even the second worst defense should be able to manage reasonable.

Especially with the Saints defense seeing improvement even in the preseason.

The Saints see their first division game in week three against the Atlanta Falcons. Fortunately for Saints fans, the team is playing their divisional rival on home turf, where the Saints perform the best. That gives the Saints two weeks to work out any problems they may encounter with the new roster before they have to play a division game.

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