A shocking final score

No one could have seen this result coming. The New England Patriots shut out the Houston Texans in week three’s Thursday night football game. Facing the Houston Texans is no laughing matter. They are a really rough defensive team, and while New England is a great team, they are by no means a team capable of crazy defensive tactics. These two are a much more even match than the final score of this game would let on.

But this game just wasn’t the Texans’ game. They had three turnovers, two fumbles, and an interception which is uncharacteristic of this team. Their defense may be their better half, but the offense is needed to win any game, and the offense was just having a really rough day.

Nothing that the Texans did was working. The Patriots defense was shutting down their rushing and passing game, giving the Texans no room to move.

A game worth remembering

Jacoby Brissett made history for the New England Patriots by being their first black starting quarterback. Brissett was drafted to the Patriots in 2016, making his week three start the first one of his career, and what a way to start his career. Brissett’s start came after the second string quarterback and current starter Jimmy Garoppolo injured his shoulder and was unable to start in Thursday’s game.

Unfortunately for the Patriots, this game was won at a cost. Brissett injured his right thumb in the game, forcing the Patriots to now scramble to find a quarterback for their week four game versus the Buffalo Bills.

Patriots fans seem to think that wide receiver Julian Edelman will be the one filling in as an emergency quarterback, but it seems much more likely for the Patriots to draft a one game replacement. After all, this will be the last game of Tom Brady’s suspension and the Patriots will get their star quarterback back after this game even if it ends in a loss.

A single loss will matter little in the grand scheme of the season and the patriots are still likely to get another playoff run this year.

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