As the upcoming season approaches teams have their expectations set. Some want to make the playoffs, while others are looking at a Championship and nothing else.

However, only one team wins the title, and there are essentially 29 losers. But that isn’t going to stop players from dreaming, and they shouldn’t. Yet, that is the reality.It seems like year after year, there is always a few teams that fall short of what they wanted to achieve. Whatever the aspirations may be they fall short of the team goal.

So with that said, we’ll take a look at six teams that are hoping to have successful upcoming seasons, but despite that will fall short of expectations.

Dallas Mavericks.

I don’t think any Basketball fan knows what Mark Cuban is expecting this upcoming season. With the additions of Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut it seems like Mark expects this team to make the playoffs this year. But how far are they really going to make it in the Western Conference?

Teams are stacked in the West, and the Mavericks don’t seem to have enough talent to compete with the elite teams, making the upcoming season bleak. Unless Seth Curry is the second coming of his brother Steph, next season is most likely going to be another season of Dallas making the playoffs, but getting kicked out of the first round yet again.

However, the growth of Harrison Barnes is something that should have Mavs fans tuning into games, but don’t expect much else.

San Antonio Spurs

As the post Tim Duncan era comes into fruition, the team is going to look a little different then where used to seeing. Although Timmy hasn’t been the face of the franchise for quite sometime, his leadership void and presence will truly be missed.

But now the team seems to be looking at a championship run as a realistic goal.

The additions of Paul Gasol and re-signing of Manu Ginobili seem to indicate that. But with continuity being the teams strength over the last decade, the roster shuffling looks like it might take sometime for the players to adapt.

This season just doesn’t seem like the right year for the San Antonio Spurs to win it all.

They’re going make the playoffs, but getting through the other teams will be the ultimate test. On paper they have the talent, but as the team stays older, the question is, can they compete against the younger teams in the Western Conference?

Charlotte Hornets.

The Charlotte Hornets have two nice stars leading them, in Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum. However, they lost a lot of key additions to last seasons playoff run. Al Jefferson, Jeremy Lin and Courtney Lee, all took their talents elsewhere. Leaving the Charlotte Hornets with a few consolation prizes in Marco Belinelli, Ramon Sessions and the enigma that is, Roy Hibbert.

But the thing is, those players don’t help make up for the talent they lost.

Marco Belinelli can have a comeback year but he isn’t the defender Courtney Lee is. Ramon Sessions can try his best to replicate what Jeremy Lin brought to the team, however, he isn’t able to play extensive minutes at the 2, because he isn’t the defender Jeremy is. And Roy Hibbert isn’t a starting centre anymore (that much was made apparent last year, with his dreadful play in the purple and gold.)

So unless Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum can somehow will this team into the playoffs next season, I just don’t see them making it. A lot of Eastern Conference teams got better this offseason. And it looks like the Hornets only got worse. Now that isn’t to say they can’t make it, they definitely have the talent.

It’s just that their Eastern Conference opponents have gotten better.

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