As the upcoming season creeps upon us every team sits at 0-0, because of that some organizations start to believe in a false sense of hope. Whether it be their thinking about winning a championship, or just making the playoffs. Each team goes into the season with a bar they set for their organization as a whole. However, some expectations are unrealistic when going into the year, leaving the team in disarray when things don’t go as planned. So with that said, below we'll take a look at three teams that have lofty goals in the coming season, but despite that, will fall short of expectations.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are going to look a little different next season.

All-Star point guard Jeff Teague is gone, while Dennis Schroder takes over for him. And star centre Al Horford is also gone, as he is replaced by Dwight Howard.

Having a new starting five with Dennis Schroder at the 1 and Dwight Howard at the 5, Atlanta looks to have another successful season ahead of them. But, because of their new roster, it looks like it’s going to take time for the team to gel.

Dwight Howard is a completely different player compared to Al Horford. So the teams got to get used to having him clogging up driving lanes, because with Horford the Hawks had a floor spacing 5. Now they’re going to have Howard in the middle looking for lob passes and simple dump-offs.

With that said, it’s going to take time for the team to get used to him.

The Hawks are going to have a good team next season, however, they aren’t going to make it out of the first round. Making it a disappointing season for the organization and fans alike.

Chicago Bulls

As NBA teams continue to play with the new modern day pace and space style of Basketball, it seems like every team wants to get in on the new trend.

However, despite that, the Chicago Bulls decided to create a team that has the looks of a 90’s rosters.

With the mid-range jump shooters Chicago has, their bred and butter seems like its going to be attacking to basket, posting up, and shooting long two-pointers. But they’re going to need to find some shooters to put on the floor beside Rondo, Wade and Jimmy Butler.

Playing those three on the court together is going to hard for Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg. Although they are all unique talents, their skills don’t intertwine. All three of them like to score inside, or from mid-range, while despising the three-point line. That’s why Fred Hoiberg is going to have a challenge ahead of himself trying to figure out how to play all three of them together.

Orlando Magic

With the acquisitions of Serge Ibaka, Bismack Biyombo and Jeff Green, the Orlando Magic are looking to make a playoff run this season. Jeff Green was brought in to sure up the 3 and 4 positions, while Serge Ibaka and Bismack Biyombo were brought in to bring defense to the frontcourt.

Although the signings (and trade) are smart moves on GM Rob Hennigan’s behalf, they aren’t going to help in getting the team into the postseason, because a lot of Eastern Conference teams have gotten way better.

That’s why the only way Orlando would be able to sneak their way into the 8th and final seed, is if Aaron Gordon can produce at the 3.

He has shown off a shaking jumpshot (shot 28% from three, for his career) through the first two seasons of his young career. So that’s what continues to hold back his development as a player. He’s a skilled defender and rebounder, but teams continue sag off him on the perimeter. Unless Jeff Green takes over his starting role and shows out, it seems unlikely that Orlando makes the postseason.

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