Anyone that knows anything about the Nascar racing circuit knows the name of the legendary race car driver, Richard Petty, and his famous #43 car. Even though Richard Petty retired from racing at the end of the 1992 season, he still has many fans, and anything to do with his racing career has become highly collectible. Now it appears that Donald Trump has fallen into the good graces of the King of Stock Car Racing.

Richard Petty’s Endorsement is Huge

Most candidates strive to have well-known and well-respected people in their corner, helping to sway voters over to their side. For Donald Trump to have Richard Petty on his team is a huge feather in the cap of the Trump campaign, much like the iconic feather in the hat Petty is so famous for wearing.

In fact, Petty has jumped into supporting Trump with both feet and put in an appearance with him recently at a rally in Greenville, North Carolina. Imagine the crowd's surprise when the Nascar King himself took the stage and publicly announced his support for Trump. This dirt track superstar just might put Trump on the fast track to being the next President of the United States.

Petty agrees with Trump’s solutions

Several videos are circling the web, showing Petty speaking at the rally, and agreeing with many of Trump’s plans, especially where immigration is concerned. Petty agrees with Trump’s plans for building a secure wall between the US and Mexico and even stated that “a bunch of us should go on down there and help build that wall.”

Petty also pointed out the fact that Donald Trump knows how to create jobs because he has done it over his many years as a businessman.

Petty is a North Carolina native, so he was basically speaking to his home state as he addressed the crowd and praised Trump’s many accomplishments in the real estate world.

If anyone knows anything about winning races, it’s Richard Petty. His record of winning 200 races in his career, which includes a seven-time Daytona 500 win, speaks for itself.

Trump may have just cinched up North Carolina because of Petty’s endorsement and the things he said about Trump at the rally.

Petty knows how to “Make it Happen.”

Petty knows all about how to win races and how to convince people to sway to his way of thinking. STP wanted to sponsor his race car, but they wanted it to be red.

Petty insisted the car be “Petty Blue” even though STP offered additional cash to paint it red. They eventually compromised on the blue and red theme for the #43 car. That color theme, the sunglasses and the hat with the feather has become iconic symbols that stand for the King of Dirt Track racing.

Though a Presidential race is a far cry from a race car track, race is a race and beating out opponents is what gets you a win. Trump knows how to do that in the business world and Richard Petty knows how to do that in the Nascar world. It seems that the two of them may have a large part of the United States pretty well sewed up.

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