This time of year Sunday is for NFL football, and Monday is for NFL Arm-Chair Quarterbacking especially if you are a Dallas Cowboy fan. Couches and recliners are filled with want-to-be superstars and coaches that in most cases could not run a 40 yard dash, much less play football at the highest level in the world. We Arm-Chair Quarterbacks can however watch a game and tell everyone who will listen what our team should have done differently to win the game they just let slip away.

Sitting in section 203 yesterday when the Cowboys and the New York Giants took to the field at A.T.&T. Stadium in Arlington, Texas, former President George Bush along with former first lady Laura Bush were on hand for the pre-game coin-flip and 9-11 Salute.

From my vantage point not one player on either team could be seen disrespecting those who died that day by kneeling or sitting during the Star Spangled Banner.

Crowd was loud

One thing stood out yesterday, this crowd of more than 100,000 was loud. It was by far the loudest crowd I have ever heard at a Cowboy game either here, or at the old Texas Stadium in Irving or the Cotton Bowl in Dallas where the Cowboys began playing in 1960. No matter who made the play a Cowboy or Giant the crowd was loud. The number of Giant fans in attendance was large for a visiting team.

What may have been the Dak Prescott era of Cowboy football may have started yesterday? Yes there will probably be one or more further attempts for Tony Romo to return to the field, but from what I saw yesterday the Cowboys should just move on into the future and let Prescott stay and play as the starter and future of the storied franchise.

He may not currently be a viable fantasy option, but in the future he might surprise some people.

Prescott looked prepared

Prescott was sharp overall. His passes were pinpoint, hitting receivers in the hands on the dead run, and he was mobile, unafraid of taking a hit to get an extra yard. Drives stalled and the Cowboys settled for field goals when they should have scored touchdowns, but that was more the play-calling rather than the play execution.

The play calling seemed to be timid in nature with a mix of runs and short passes. Protecting the rookie quarterback may have been the reason for the caution, but in the NFL the timid come up just short.

The Cowboys lost the game 20-19, but it was not because of Prescott not being able to play the position, but more from the coaching staff’s play selection. I cannot recall any passing game that went down the field, most passes were check downs to Tight-end Jason Witten or a running back circle out of the backfield. Dez Bryant failed to retain possession of what would have been Prescott’s first NFL touchdown. A receiver like Bryant has to make that catch, and he just did not according to the rules.

Cowboys waiting on Romo?

The Cowboys seem to be stuck waiting for Romo to come back and save the season again. We have all witnessed that promise may not be kept when Romo does get back. The Cowboys should just let Prescott know he is the quarterback and let him play football. Try as they may to make him so, Prescott will never be Romo, but from what I saw yesterday he could be the answer for the Cowboys if they just let him play football.

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