The Buffalo Bills have a plethora of teammates that all share close bonds with one another. When one player leaves or is released, that player is still a member of the Bills Mafia for life. The situation was no different with LeSean McCoy and Jerome Felton, who helped lead the NFL's leading rushing attack last season. LeSean McCoy had his own way to honor the fullback after he was released by the Buffalo Bills today.

A Touching ceremony

It's tough for anybody to get cut, but it's even harder when that person is in your positional group. For LeSean McCoy, Jerome Felton's release necessitated the need for a touching ceremony.

LeSean McCoy actually poured out his water bottle right in front of Felton's locker! The gesture did not go unnoticed by Bills reporter Joe Buscaglia, who also confirmed the day's event.

It doesn't get much more loyal than that! These two have obviously shared a tight bond since they started playing together and LeSean will be sorry to see Felton go. After all, the Bills did lead the league in rushing last year behind a fullback who wasa good enough blocker to spearhead the attack.

Now they will likely rely on the services of an unproven Glenn Gronkowski, who will take over the fullback position in 2016.

Felton's situation

The Bills cut Jerome Felton thanks to the presence of alternative Glenn Gronkowski. Last season, Felton played more than a quarter of the snaps and also contributed on special teams.

But that production wasn't enough to justify a roster spot on a player who was getting paid 9.2 million for four years at the fullback position.

Glenn Gronkowski will cost significantly less money as a young rookie.

But that doesn't mean Felton wasn't one of the team's favorite players. LeSean McCoy clearly loved hanging out with him and even decided to kick box him atone Buffalo Bills practice.

Sad to see him go

Jerome Felton was one of the best blockers on the Buffalo Bills. His presence on the field almost guaranteed a run and the Bills still had no trouble racking up yardagethanks to his excellent blockingon those plays.

Felton was obviously liked by his teammates and will be forever remembered as a member of the Bills Mafia. And he exited on a classy note, thanking the Bills organization for the opportunity.

I wish Felton the best and hope that he lands with another NFL team in desperate need of a fullback.

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