The Minnesota Vikings had a huge setback earlier this week when their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a season-ending knee injury during a drill that didn’t involve any physical contact. And while there were quite a few names thrown around as Bridgewater’s potential replacement, it looks like Minnesota is going with a tried, tested, yet undistinguished name – 15-year NFL veteran Shaun Hill.

Hill has decent career stats, but not a lot of career starts

Since debuting in the NFL in 2002 as an undrafted rookie out of Maryland, the 36-year-old Hill has played for four different NFL teams, including two go-arounds in Minnesota.

And a look at his career statistics shows that he’s a more than decent quarterback – 49 touchdown passes, 30 interceptions, 62 percent completion rate, QB rating of 85.2. But he has only started 34 games in his career, with none in the postseason, and spent just one season (with the Detroit Lions in 2010) as a full-time starter. Last season for the Vikings, he threw just seven passes, connecting on two of them.

In preseason action, Hill has done much better, going 17-for-25 passing (68 percent) for 192 yards, with neither a touchdown pass nor an interception.

Experience was deciding factor in choosing Hill, but it’s all about the big picture

Despite Hill’s lack of playing time in the 2015 season, it appears to be his overall experience that has convinced Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer to “have confidence” in the veteran.

He related examples of how Hill proved to be a fast learner, understanding new offensive systems in little time, and asking questions about how he should approach certain situations.

With a journeyman fill-in behind center and a dynamic young passer in Bridgewater out for the season, Zimmer still expressed confidence in the Vikings as a team for the 2016 NFL season.

Aside from having a “good” defensive unit and a much-improved offensive line, Zimmer mentioned running back Adrian Peterson, who, for all the controversies he’s gone through in recent years, is “maybe the best running back” in the entire league.

Hill might not be a long-term solution

In the aforementioned 2010 NFL season for the Detroit Lions, Hill was filling in for an injured Matthew Stafford.

And in the two seasons prior, he had likewise been a fill-in starter for then-injured QBs Trent Dilfer and Alex Smith for the San Francisco 49ers. More recently, he started in place of the oft-hurt Sam Bradford, then playing for the St. Louis Rams, in the 2014 season. Indeed, most of Hill’s starts have been as a replacement for an injured quarterback, and the Teddy Bridgewater situation is no exception. But how long are the Vikings willing to go with him as their starter?

Given Hill’s age and subpar arm strength, the Vikings are indeed shopping around for veteran quarterbacks to serve as a longer-term replacement for Bridgewater. According to USA TODAY, some of the options may include the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick, the Denver Broncos’ Mark Sanchez, and the New York Jets’ Geno Smith, all possible preseason cuts at this point, as well as free agents Michael Vick and Matt Flynn.

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