As Johnny Manziel is only 23-years-old, it’s too early to call his NFL career dead and buried. Even with an inconsistent, mostly unimpressive two years with the Cleveland Browns, who drafted him in the first round in 2014, and a seemingly never-ending series of legal problems, the troubled quarterback is young enough to return to the NFL once he gets his life sorted out. For the meantime, it appears as if “Johnny Football” is taking one positive step toward redemption, but it’s not on the football field, but rather in the (online) classroom.

Manziel back at Texas A&M, but will be taking online classes

According to a report from the Associated Press, Manziel, who is technically a free agent following his release from the Browns earlier this year, is taking classes at Texas A&M University for the current fall semester. This was confirmed by a school spokesman, who declined to provide additional information per policies on student privacy.

The Dallas Morning News, however, wrote in a separate report that Manziel is currently listed as a recreation, parks, and tourism sciences senior, per Texas A&M’s student directory. The report also noted that Manziel will be taking online classes, and will still be based out of Los Angeles, though it wasn’t mentioned how many hours he is enrolled in this semester.

Manziel had played two years for the Texas A&M Aggies, sitting out the 2011 season as a redshirt, but making an immediate impact in the 2012 season, when he became the first freshman in the history of the Heisman Trophy to win the award. He was also the first-ever freshman to win the Davey O’Brien Award, which is given to the best college quarterback in the NCAA.

He left school after his sophomore season in 2013, which saw him improve on his numbers, but finish fifth in Heisman voting as his off-the-field problems began to mount.

Can Manziel still make NFL comeback, and if so, when?

As mentioned above, Manziel is far from being an old player, and as we saw so many times over the past few years, he’s had difficulty acting his age, stammering out half-hearted apologies for his indiscretions, only to ramp up on them soon after.

That’s why, despite his sophomore NFL season not being a horrible one stats-wise, teams may have be reluctant to take a chance on him, even if you don’t take his pending domestic violence charge into account.

All told, it looks like returning to school is one of the more positive things Johnny Manziel has done in recent times, amid a collegiate and pro football career fraught with controversy and misbehavior. And it won’t be surprising if, in the coming months, we see more photos of a drunk or stoned Manziel emerge via the usual channels. But if he learns from his mistakes and develops more maturity, especially off the field, he would be a welcome addition to any NFL roster in 2017, though most probably as a backup.

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