Don’t you just hate it when you have to do something around the house or outside, but you really would rather be snacking? Well, the Jerky Bot is here to solve all of your problems.

This amazing invention is basically a dronethat looks like a wooden side table, where you can conveniently place your snacks and other stuff and have them follow you around, hovering in midair.

How does the Jerky Bot work?

As you can see in the video, this gentleman has plenty of things he needs to get done in his day – but thanks to the Jerky Bot, he doesn’t have to make that terrible decision of “should I mop the floor, or eat beef jerky?” ever again.

He simply empties a pouch of his favorite jerky onto the Jerky Bot and walks off to do whatever he needs to do. The drone/hovering tablegets up off the counter, as if by magic, and follows along beside him wherever he goes. Coolest invention ever, right? He’s able to get some cleaning done while munching on his jerky, play some baseball in the backyard while munching on his jerky, mow the lawn while munching on his jerky, and relax by the pool after a very productive day – while munching on his jerky (this guy has a lot of jerky, apparently).

The Jerky Bot in action

As I said, this invention is basically a Drone disguised as a table or cutting block, with the ability to hover and move in any direction, turn and stop on a dime.

This amazing invention can easily keep up with you, whether you’re casually walking around the house, running around outside, or even riding a lawn mower. You never have to be without your jerky (or whatever) again!

The Jerky Bot has sensors on the side and bottom, so it knows how high off the ground it is, and how close it is to you.

This is how it’s able to follow you around anywhere like some bizarre ghost butler.

It could obviously be used for things other than jerky. I’d be careful with lightweight things like a small bag of potato chips, though. And it’s not clear if the Jerky Bot is water resistant and can also be a hovering drink table.

We’re also not sure of the weight limit, but in theory, this could be useful when you don’t have anyone around to hand you nails or screws while doing some home repairs.

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