The month of August consists of family vacations, barbecuesand that familiar feel of summer’s end. As the conclusion of August draws near and we turn the corner on the season of summer, let’s focus on the positive aspects of Fall. Of course, there is crisp Fall air, pumpkin spice and Halloween festivities to enjoy. But let’s be honest, the most significant feature of Fall is Football!

Let the Football Begin

Football actsas a therapeutic transition between Summer and Fall. This fast-paced, smash-mouthed gridiron past time influences the masses. Football’s incredible influence delivers various realms of entertainment and profitability.

Players, owners, coaches, agents and talking heads all build their living around the pigskin. A major source of income that football provides access to is the world of fantasy football. Fantasy football has made impressive strides in terms of development and advancement of their websites, methods and platforms. Traditionally, fantasy football involves 6-12 participants that draft players to form teams. These teams hold week-to-week matchups to determine the outcomes based upon player performance. Websites like DraftKings allow owners to draft players weekly to ensure greater probability of success.

The Fantasy Experience

Today, we will embark on a journey through the land of fantasy football.

Among this adventure, one will discover experiences of mock drafts, real drafts, and even some draft beer.

Saturday August 27th, 5:00 P.M. Three fantasy football owners gather around the living room table, devices in hand, ready to partake in a mock draft. Upon browsing ESPN’s lobby, the three owners faced many trial and error attempts to enter one lobby before it expired.

Eventually, the three owners entered a 12-Team PPR Mock draft. There, each owner commenced their mode of strategy for draft preference. The position in which you are due to select a player will determine your team’s needs based on who is currently available. Each owner surveyed the scene of the mock draft and some even shared their insight:

Sunday August 28th, 2:00 P.M.

Two fantasy football owners seat themselves at Maggie’s Bar & Grill. After consuming a sampler platter, the two decide that it is time to enter a mock lobby. Each owner enters the mock draft in a more efficient manner than the day before. ESPN's lobby provided disastrous error the day prior, so iPhone application it is. Each owner found a draft to enter much more conveniently due to the condensed list displayed on the app. Meals are consumed, players are selected and further preparation is in the books.

Sunday August 28th 7:00 P.M. Four fantasy football owners and four ordinary citizens gather around an eight-person high top at the Brick House Tavern. After endless reading, video streaming, and mock drafting, it has become apparent that these fantasy owners take pride in their preparation.

Laptops, iPads, and iPhones are scattered about the table as the waitress zooms around to receive demands. Two free appetizers are sent our way as a result of holding a fantasy draft in their restaurant. Time elapses, draft beer continues to arrive, rounds go by and players are eliminated from the board. Throughout the entire experience, each owner constructs their respective collective. These players are going to serve as chips and pawns in the scheme that is fantasy football. Fantasy football does not begin and end with the draft. The key to success within this game is consistent persistence. Actions such as weekly acquisitons, trades and statistical breakdowns are often required to build a strong team.

Being consistently persistent also causes the owner to consistently check their roster for injuries, position battles, and potential bye weeks.

The fantasy football experience is one for the ages. Hopefully, my personal experience paved the way for your experience to go smoothly and successfully.

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