Typically, when a UFC fighter announces that he or she is done with the sport despite being seen as too young to retire or go on extended hiatus, it comes after a heartbreaking defeat, and it’s often followed by a change of heart and a return to competition soon after. But when Georges St-Pierre vacated the UFC welterweight title in December 2013 to go on an indefinite hiatus from mixed martial arts at the age of 32, he meant it. Despite sporadically training in the three years since then, he hasn’t been in any fights during his break, but that might soon change if he gets to fight at UFC 206, which will be held in his home country of Canada.

GSP feels ready, but does Dana White feel the same way?

Speaking to TMZ Sports at the premiere of his film Kickboxer: Vengeance, St-Pierre said that he’s itching to return to UFC competition, and that he’s been training in preparation for a potential comeback at UFC 206 in Toronto, on December 10. That’s three months from now and almost coincides with the third anniversary of his hiatus, and as far as that hiatus goes, GSP feels like he’s ready to end it soon. But it won’t be up to him, because at this point, it’s still up to UFC head Dana White, and nobody else.

According to St-Pierre, his availability for UFC 206 won’t be “his decision” even if he feels ready to fight, but he’s just a “phone call away” should White and UFC want to talk.

He even introduced TMZ’s reporter to his agent, who was standing next to him during the interview.

St-Pierre is willing to take on anyone if the fans want to see it

St-Pierre briefly touched on potential opponents, stating that he has no preference when it comes to his UFC 206 opponent, may it be reigning welterweight champ Tyron Woodley or Nick Diaz.

He said that if the match is “something people want to see,” he’ll be glad to accept the challenge.

Additionally, St-Pierre noted that he has passed up on some “opportunities” outside of UFC just so he could continue his training. He did add, however, that it is possible for an MMA fighter, himself included, to take on movie roles while training, provided they have the “right mindset” to juggle both responsibilities.

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