Texans vs. Patriots

The New England Patriots are doing just fine without Tom Brady, and with two weeks left in his suspension the Patriots are undefeated, but the Houston Texans are as well. These teams are well matched on both the defense and the offense, so whatever team wins this game will be doing so by a very slim margin. The Texans may have the upper hand here, but the Patriots cannot be counted out.

Lions vs. Packers

Both teams are coming off slim losses and are looking for a redemption win. This game will pit the offensive consistency of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers against the ruthless defense of the Detroit Lions.

However, in 2016 it looks like those rolls might be reversed. So far the season, the Packers have shown the better defensive team then the Lions, but the Lions have shown a better offense than the Packers. Needless to say this game will be interesting to watch.

Broncos vs. Bengals

The Denver Broncos have beaten two really tough teams in the first two weeks of the season, and their week three matchup is no easier. The Cincinnati Bengals are another great team that the Broncos will have to get past to keep their undefeated record. History repeated itself in week two, as the Bengals fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but now the question is if they have the skills to be beat the Super Bowl champions.

Steelers vs. Eagles

This is another match-up of 2-0 teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers have had the harder schedule thus far, mostly because they played the Bengals in week two. The Philadelphia Eagles have played the Cleveland Browns and the Chicago Bears, two teams that wouldn’t traditionally be called strong.

This game will prove if the Eagles have what it takes to beat the top teams and make a playoff run.

Falcons vs. Saints

One of the most bitter rivalries in all of the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons will be taking on the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome for week three. The Falcons are hot after their win against the Oakland Raiders, a team the Saints couldn’t beat (and probably the favorites to win this game).

However, with a rivalry this bitter, nothing is certain, and the Saints could just as easily come away with the win if their front line can deliver the hits needed to shake up Matt Ryan, who is terrible under pressure.

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