Earlier in the week, I wrote about six fantasy Football players who should be traded after a big week 3. In this article, I'm going to take a look at another four players who fantasy ownersshould target in trades.

1. Eddie Lacy.

Is he finally back? The Packers running back rushed for more than 100 yards in week 3 on just 17 carries and looked pretty good doing it. Lacy will continue to get that many chances for fantasy production and could quickly become an every week starter. He scored single digit fantasy points in each of the first two weeks of the year, but has not yet scored a touchdown. Fantasy players should trade for him now before someone else realizes that all Lacy needs to do is score a touchdown to enter the elite status of fantasy football running backs.

2. David Johnson.

The Cardinals running back is the best player in fantasy football. Even in a blowout, Johnson scored 22 fantasy points thanks to the sheer volume of touches he receives in the Cardinals offense. His role and given opportunities make him the best fantasy running back in the league and probably the best fantasy player in the game. To get him, fantasy owners would likely have to give up Antonio Brown or a few high quality players. But having Johnson on your team is worth its weight in gold, thanks to his sheer consistency.

3. Amari Cooper.

This isn't going to last. Michael Crabtree currently has more fantasy points than Cooper, but he is far less talented. Cooper has scored just single digit points in each of the first two weeks, but did manage to score 15 fantasy points against a very weak Saints defense in week 1.

Fantasy players are likely frustrated with Cooper at this point and will be ready to trade him. A shrewd fantasy owner will attempt to trade a guy like Jordan Matthews for Cooper and reap the rewards when Cooper finally reclaims his role as the top wide receiver in the Raiders offense.

4. Jeremy Maclin.

Maclin and Cooper are both in very similar situations. Maclin is the top wide receiver in the Chiefs offense, but it hasn't translated to effective fantasy production. His poor performances in the first three weeks of the year have fantasy owners furious and ready to give up on him.

But it's definitely not time to panic! Maclin played against the Texans and Jets, two teams that knew exactly how to shut him down. Maclin still occupies a significant role on the Chiefs offense and should get plenty of future opportunities. Try to take advantage of the situation now by trading for Maclin while is value is low.

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