The Browns have a lot of hope for their team heading into the 2016 season. Robert Griffin has made some electrifying plays in the preseason by connecting with Josh Gordon and Gary Barnidge. But he's also made a big connection with Terrelle Pryor in the preseason, and it's made one former NFL star think that Terrelle Pryor is capable of big things in 2016.

Charles Woodson's Prediction

The star safety and nine-times Pro Bowler believes that Terrelle Pryor and Robert Griffin have already developed enough of a connection to rack up 1800 receiving yards this season. Those would be huge numbers for anybody, but they would be especially big for someone like Terrelle Pryor, who has never truly taken up the role of an elite receiver before.

Without Josh Gordon, Pryor will definitely have plenty of chances. He'll have to compete with rookie Corey Coleman for touches, but Pryor should get at least a few targets in week 1. And Pryor will have a really great chance to put up big numbers against an Eagles defense that allowed a huge number of big passing plays last year.

Terrelle Pryor's Preseason

There are plenty of NFL fans out there who have absolutely no idea what Pryor was able to accomplish in the preseason. In a game against the Falcons, Robert Griffin hit Pryor on a fifty-yard bomb that went for a touchdown. The throw was evidence of the chemistry that the two have managed to quickly develop with each other prior to the start of the regular season.

He didn't do a lot throughout the rest of the preseason, but Pryor has the speed and the talent to beat almost any cornerback in the NFL.

The former quarterback is ridiculously fast and has no problem getting separation from anybody who tries to cover him. It will be up to Robert Griffin to find Pryor when he manages to run past and get behind opposing defenses.

Fantasy Value

Woodson's prediction should have any fantasy players salivating over what they could potentially get out of Terrelle Pryor. The Browns wide receiver is likely available on the waiver wire and would be a great substitute if your team is struggling through some wide receiver injuries. For now, fantasy players will just wait and see if Terrelle Pryor is the real deal in week 1.

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