Earlier in the year, 'Forbes' revealed the worth of every single NFL team in the entire league. The leading teams were the typical suspects: The Cowboys, The Giants, and The Patriots. At the bottom of the list were teams like the Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, and New Orleans Saints. But there was no team that ranked lower on the valuation than the Buffalo Bills.

'Forbes' Valuations.

The Buffalo Bills were valued at precisely 1.5 billion dollars, almost 2 billion dollars less than the New England Patriots, who were valued at 3.4 billion. The 2016 valuation results came shortly after Terry Pegula actually bought the Buffalo Bills for 1.4 billion dollars in cash.

Fans were thrilled to see an owner like Pegula, who wouldn't move the team, win the bid. But has the value of the team really risen by a total of just .1 billion dollars since 2014? It's certainly possible that the Pegulas overpaid to help ensure that the team stayed in Buffalo. But what is it that really makes this team worth far more than that?

The People of Buffalo.

There isn't a single NFL fanbase more dedicated to their team than the one in Buffalo. The Bills haven't made the playoffs in 14 seasons, but fans still routinely purchase tickets and help the Bills sell out games. The home field advantage is electric thanks to a rowdy crowd that the can get as loud as any other stadium in the league when the Bills areplaying well.

Against the Cardinals, the Bills stadium entered a state of "pandemonium" when Aaron Williams picked up a botched field goal snap and returned it for a touchdown. That kind of dedication among NFL fans is hard to find across the league, which makes it hard to believe that the Buffalo Bills are actually the least valuable team in the NFL.

The Bills are an Integral Part of the City.

Buffalo is a city that is quickly growing and developing. People there enjoy the atmosphere and love what has been done to the city. Canalside, a historic development of Buffalo, has been partially sparked by a Pegula family that continues to do whatever it can to give back to the city of Buffalo.

You can't go around Buffalo without seeing some presence of the Bills or overhearing some conversationabout how the Buffalo Bills played last night. Even the players on the Bills make appearances around the city! Last year, Dan Carpenter and Mario Williams actually helped dig some of their neighbors out of the snow.


It's that sense of community that makes the Bills worth so much more than what 'Forbes' suggests. The people, the players, and the organization are all striving to create a better Buffalo community filled with loving and caring people. So far, they've succeeded in fostering a community where the people in Buffalo and the athletes on the Bills appreciate each other. All the Bills need to do now is make it to the playoffs so that Buffalo Bills fans can finally cheer on the team that has given so much to the city of Buffalo.

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