Fantasy Football has brought plenty of surprises to the table this year. Cameron Brate, the second tight end in Tampa Bay, has emerged as a legitimate fantasy starter. Coby Fleener, who was expected to have a big year with Drew Brees, has flopped. Here's a look at five players who have also been flops and can be dropped after poor performances in week 3.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Did you really believe that Ryan Fitzpatrick was a good fantasy quarterback after his awesome performance against the Buffalo Bills in week 2? Fantasy owners who did were disappointed in week 3 after Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions and scored -3 fantasy points.

Any quarterback who performs that poorly cannot be trusted and should be evaded in the future.

2. Every Dolphins Running Back.

It's not worth trusting any of these fantasy players at this point. Kenyan Drake, Jay Ajayi, and Arian Foster all compete for a limited number of touches in a Miami offense that seems allergic to running the ball. The only player who might be worth keeping is Foster, but his injury issues preclude him from being a trustworthy fantasy starter.

3. Tajae Sharpe.

The Titans are bad at offense and haven't scored a ton of points this season. That means limited opportunities for fantasy players like Sharpe, who need to score a touchdown to generate any meaningful fantasy production.

For now, fantasy players would be wise to avoid Sharpe and the rest of the Titans receiving core. Sharpe is the number one wide receiver, but he's still not worth a roster spot!

4. Torrey Smith.

The 49ers are just like the Titans. Both teams struggle to score through the air and rely on the ground game for production.

That status limits Smith's upside as a fantasy wide receiver and makes it hard to justify keeping him on fantasy rosters. Blaine Gabbert just isn't good enough to make Smith a legitimate fantasy receiver and Smith should no longer be owned in any leagues.

5. Jesse James.

Fantasy owners believed that tight end Jesse James could step in and immediately play the role that Heath Miller used to play on the Steelers offense.

Instead of success, James has produced very little in the first three weeks of the season. In week 3, James caught just two passes for 10 yards in a game where Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball 37 times. James clearly isn't a popular enough target in the Steelers offense and he should be droppedin all fantasy leagues.

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