Fantasy Football isn't a game of complete luck. Owners in charge of their teams are responsible for making good decisions with the roster they drafted. Sometimes that means benching a highly drafted player in favor of one with a better matchup. And there are definitely some players who should not be in your starting lineup for week 1 of the regular season. I'm here to let you know who shouldn't be in that fantasy lineup.

1. Cam Newton

Yes, I did just tell you to leave the reigning MVP on the bench for week 1. Cam Newton draws the hardest fantasy matchup he will face all season against the Denver Broncos, who absolutely shut him down in the Super Bowl.

Don't be blinded by Cam Newton's pure talent and search for a replacement quarterback in week 1. This is the only time Cam will ever belong on the bench.

2. Kelvin Benjamin

The Panthers star wide receiver missed the entire season with injury last year. Cam Newton still managed to do great things without him. Now that he's back, expect great things in later weeks. For now, leave Benjamin on the bench against a Broncos defense that has no problem shutting down the opposing team's best fantasy wide receiver.

3. Melvin Gordon

First of all, why did you draft Melvin Gordon? Did you even watch him last season? He didn't score a single rushing touchdown! And now you're stuck with him. He could be useful later, but he belongs on the bench in week 1.

Gordon scored just nine combined points in two games against the Chiefs and there's no reason to think things will be different this time.

4. Jeremy Hill

The Jets have a really good defense and are insanely good against the run. Any running back who plays against this defense will almost always belong on the bench.

A player like Hill, who splits time with Gio Bernard, definitely belongs on the bench for week 1 of this regular season matchup.

5. Antonio Gates

The Chargers star tight end is starting to get a little bit too old for elite fantasy consideration. He is 36-years-old and has a tough matchup against a Chiefs defense that allowed the fewest total points to opposing fantasy tight ends last year.

Gates managed to accumulate only 7 points in two games against Kansas City last season. If you have another option, I highly recommend using it.

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