The New York Giants managed to pull off a victory against the Cowboys on the road with the help of a player who hasn't done anything since 2014. Victor Cruz caught the winning touchdown pass and managed to catch three more passes for a total of 34 receiving yards. Cruz stillisn't fantasy relevant, but there are plenty of playersfrom this game who are.

1. Jason Witten leads all Cowboys Receivers

Rookie quarterbacks tend to lean on their tight ends, and Dak Prescott was no exception. Witten finished the game with nine catches for 66 receiving yards, a great sign for anybody who owns the 34 year old in their fantasy leagues.

He had even more yards receiving than the great Dez Bryant, who finished the game with just one catch. For now, it looks like Prescott will trust the veteran tight end and give him plenty of chances for fantasy production.

2. Ezekiel Elliot fails to impress

Elliot had a pretty good matchup against a weakGiants defense, but couldn't get anything going for most of the day. You'd expect more than 51 yards on twenty carries when playing behind theCowboys offensive line, which is one of the bestin the NFL. It looks like fantasy owners mayhave again fallen into the trap of drafting a rookie running back like Elliot too early because of the situation he was in and not for histalent. I should mention that Elliot did manage to salvage what would have been an awfulfantasy day by scoring a touchdown in the game.

3. Reshad Jennings will be a workhorse

Anybody who was worried about the state of affairs in the Giants backfield had their fears quelled today when Reshad Jennings took a hefty majority of the carries. Jennings finished the game with 75 rushing yards on 18 carries, averaging more than four yards per carry.

It certainly looks like the Giants back will now be a legitimate fantasy option everyweek for the rest of the regular season.

4. Cole Beasley is a PPR monster

The Cowboys wide receiver routinely makes a ton of intermediate and short catches in almost every game. Today was no different, as Beasley caught eight passes for 65 receiving yards.

Cole Beasley will be a great player in PPR fantasy leagues if he can average that number of receptions and score a touchdown once in a while.

5. Eli spreads the ball around

Eli Manning threw three touchdown passes to three different players on Sunday. Odell Beckham caught exactly zero of those passes and ended his day with just seven fantasy points. The Giants now have other options besides Beckham, including Victor Cruz, Sterling Shephard, and both their tight ends. Odell will still get his points, but he will no longer be the only productive wide receiver on a Giants team that couldn't find another one last year.

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