The Browns and Eagles played a weird game that would eventually end in an Eagles blowout. Along the way, Carson Wentz proved that he shouldn't be taken lightly just because he is a rookie and Terrelle Pryor showed some evidence that the hype surrounding him is real. Here are five more things that fantasy players learned from the Browns/Eagles game today.

1. The Browns Defense is really, really bad

If you have anybody playing the Browns, I would advise that you start them in all fantasy leagues. Jordan Matthews scored seventeen fantasy points. Carson Wentz looked like an experienced veteran quarterback.

And Zach Ertz had no trouble beating anyone on defense early on. The only reason the Eagles didn't accumulate any more fantasy points is because they were trying to run out the clock. It's looking like anybody playing this team is capable of putting up big numbers.

2. The Browns Offense is really bad

Robert Griffin had an excellent chance to impress in week 1 against an Eagles team that struggles quite a bit to defend the pass. Instead of taking advantage of his fantasy opportunity, he squandered it by completing less than half his passes and throwing an ugly interception. The offense stalled on several drives, aside from some deep balls that were actually completed to Terrelle Pryor and Corey Coleman.

3. Jordan Matthews is a beast

The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver had no trouble tearing apart the Browns defense on every single play from scrimmage. He ended the game with 114 receiving yards and one touchdown. He also clearly has a connection with rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, who relied heavily on Matthews during the game.

4. Terrelle Pryor can be used as a fill-in

If fantasy players are missing receivers, they can look no further than Terrelle Pryor, who is available on the waiver wire of most fantasy leagues. The Browns wide receiver managed to catch some deep balls impressively and ended the game with 68 receiving yards.

That's a great sign for a player who used to be a quarterback just a few years ago. He might not get 1800 yards, but he is clearly a big part of the Browns offense.

5. Ryan Matthews is a workhorse

Matthews had to compete with DeMarco Murray for touches last year. This season, Ryan Matthews will clearly be the Eagles workhouse. He got 22 carries for 77 rushing yards. Second on the team was Darren Sproles, who got only five carries. The sheer volume of carries that Matthews will now clearly receive make him worthy of a play in most weekly fantasy match-ups.

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