Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is entering the 2016 NFL season as probably the team’s most-hyped rookie RB since Emmitt Smith, and as fans eagerly wait and see if he can live up to that hype or not, it looks like he’s just escaped the bigger part of the controversy plaguing him ahead of the season – his domestic violence charges.

Elliott cooperated with authorities as ex-girlfriend’s statements deemed inconsistent

According to a statement from the Columbus City Attorney’s Office, no charges will be filed against Elliott, as the information from his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson proved to be “conflicting and inconsistent." Further, Elliott was described as having been “cooperative” during the process, and had backed up his claimed innocence with photos and affidavits.

Quotes from an NFL representative, however, suggest Elliott may still be disciplined by the league, despite the lack of charges against him.

In a statement, Elliott’s lawyer Frank Salzano told media that the running back hopes to put the case behind him, as he continues “his focus on all things positive” on the NFL field and off of it as well. Elliott’s father Stacy also commented that he was “relieved” at the outcome, which took into account all of the evidence presented for the case.

Elliott is scheduled to debut this Sunday for the Dallas Cowboys, who face the New York Giants inthis weekend's NFL season openers.

Four witnesses claim they never saw Elliott assaulting Thompson

The controversystarted on July 22, when 20-year-old Tiffany Thompson filed two police reports, claiming she was physically attacked by Elliott.

In the first one, she had allegedly gotten a red mark and felt pain in her right wrist stemming from the purported scuffle, which took place as the two of them were in a parked car. Witnesses, however, debunked these reports – all of them, including a passenger who was with Elliott and Thompson when the incident supposedly took place, claimed not to see any assault taking place.

In a separate police report, Thompson claimed Elliott had hit her “several times” over five days in July, hitting her so hard that it left her arms bruised. This was disputed by Elliott, who said he was never physically aggressive against his ex-girlfriend, and that her bruises were actually suffered while she was in a bar fight.

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