The fantasy Football season has started again and fans have flocked to ESPN to check their fantasy scores. There's just one problem. The site and its fantasy football applications are not working. The mobile app is also down as ESPN has been forced to deal with a huge amount of traffic in the first week of the year. The only question now is this: why wasn't ESPN ready?

Increased popularity

Fantasy football is readily accessible to anybody with a computer and a working WiFi connection. That means people all over the United States can play the game with any group of friends. Even if you don't have a group of friends together, there are free leagues on ESPN that people can play with random people.

And it's free! It costs absolutely no money to play the game online and with friends.

And that's the real value that we can derive fromfantasy football. We all get to pretend to be experts and then have more of a rooting interest in the games. Fantasy players develop bonds with specific players who have helped deliver championships in the past. And we start to hate those players, like Melvin Gordon last season, who ruined any chances at a championship. Right now, fantasy players just want to be able to check on their statistics and see who is performing well.

Checking statistics

Fantasy football players are obsessed with constantly checking how well their players are doing, especially after they score touchdowns.

Now ESPN has deprived those players of that privilege, at least right now. I certainly want to see how many points I am winning by after two of my players score touchdowns. Who wouldn't? ESPN better fix this issue if they don't want to see a mass exodus from the fantasy football platform that has become a huge part of their business recently.

Draftkings presence

The allure of winning a huge amount of money enticed plenty of fantasy players last season, including me. But the industry was embroiled in controversy, after alleged scams and elite players took money from the average people who played the game. And ESPN was promoting them too! Every Matthew Berry article listed the prices of each players and detailed value plays for each specific week.

Maybe ESPN should start focusing less on this and more on making sure they are delivering a working product to their loyal customers.

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