This morning, I tried to log onto ESPN fantasy Football through both my phone and computer. Neither worked and I couldn't figure out how to get into my lineups. Frustrated fantasy players can't be too happy with this development, especially after ESPN failed massively in week 1. In week 1, ESPN's fantasy football services broke down for several hours and prevented fantasy players from subbing for games that started at 4. So what's the big deal here?

Fantasy Football Frustration.

Fantasy football is an addictive game that is played by millions throughout the world. The game requires plenty of dedication and often plenty of attention to detail.

This morning, Sammy Watkins was ruled out and Brandon Marshall was revealed to be on a snap count. That information has reached fantasy owners, but they can no longer react to the news. Sammy Watkins, right now, cannot be taken out of any fantasy lineups. Brandon Marshall will also remain in most lineups until ESPN sorts this issue out.

There are also plenty of options out there on the waiver wire. Players like Anquan Boldin could be claimed and immediately inserted into the starting lineup. Instead, he will sit on waivers along with a few other guys who could have actually made an impact for fantasy owners today. And there are plenty of fantasy players who wait until Sunday morning to make moves!

What if these owners have thingsto do later?

League Fees.

Mostl leagues include cash prizes that are won by a few individuals at the end of the season. ESPN already interfered with this in week 1, and will now draw the ire of fantasy football fans who may struggle to trust the platform in the future.

When money is on the line, it's hard not to be upset with fantasy football services that don't even work. Fantasy owners could just keep track of the statistics themselves instead! Hopefully ESPN will fix this issue quickly before too many people get upset again.

How Long Will it Take to Fix.

In week 1, ESPN experienced a ton of traffic that crashed the fantasy football app for more than 3 hours.

A time based game like thisshould never have that happen. Because it happened once, ESPN should be able to fix this issue far more quickly than they did last time. For their sake, I hope that they do fix it before too many people leave for working applications on Yahoo and NFL Network.

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