It’s no secret that Canadian rapper Drake is a huge sports fan, and is especially big on the NBA. And in recent stops in his Summer Sixteen tour, he rocked jerseys of Brandon Jennings in New York and Devin Booker in Phoenix. But he hasn’t been above inviting the NBA’s cream of the crop onstage, having done so in New York with Derrick Rose and in Columbus with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James. Most recently, he invited the Golden State Warriors’ big 2016 signing Kevin Durant onstage, as the tour arrived at Oakland on Tuesday.

Drake says KD’s going to bring some “big rings” to Warriors fans

When the 2016-17 NBA season kicks off, Durant will be joining a loaded Golden State Warriors team that also includes reigning MVP Stephen Curry, Rio Olympians Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala, among others.

That’s led many fans to believe that the Warriors may be a shoo-in for the NBA championship in the upcoming season, and it appears that Drake feels the same way. As he introduced Durant onstage at the Oracle Arena, the rapper, who was wearing KD’s #35 Warriors jersey, quipped that Golden State’s home fans will be “getting some big rings this year.”

This was, of course, yet another interesting comment from a man who is officially a global ambassador for his hometown Toronto Raptors. During 2014’s OVO Fest, Drake had also brought Durant onstage, when the latter, then playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, traveled to Toronto to attend that show. The rapper was, however, fined $25,000 by the Raptors for trying to convince Durant to join the team during that onstage appearance, as the ace forward was still under contract with the Thunder at that time.

Drake’s admiration for Durant also extends to song

It isn’t unusual for rappers to drop the names of top NBA players in their songs, and Drake happened to reference Durant in the song “Weston Road Flows,” one of the tracks from his chart-busting 2016 album Views.This reference didn’t escape Durant, who's also been mentioned in rap songs by the likes of Jay-Z and J.

Cole. He said in an interview this summer that he was honored to be mentioned in song by his favorite rapper, and admitted that he and Drake “talk about stuff” whenever he has a game.

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