Daniel Bryan is still trending among Wrestling fans these days, but it’s not because of anything he does or says as on-air commissioner of the SmackDown brand. Rather, it’s because of an intense appearance on WWE Network exclusive Talking Smack. Last Tuesday, Bryan called current Intercontinental Champion The Miz a “coward” for wrestling a safe style, and Miz fired back by angrily blaming Bryan for his own premature retirement, as he was known for a very risky style while still active.Many had expected this to lead to some sort of in-ring comeback for Bryan, and while that’s still a long shot, he did have some interesting thoughts on the matter in an interview with former WWE personality Jonathan Coachman, for ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Bryan says he wanted to punch The Miz after Talking Smack segment

By the looks of things, the Daniel Bryan/The Miz segment on Talking Smack from last week was a worked shoot, a real-sounding promo that is nonetheless scripted. But one can’t deny that there were some real feelings simmering beneath the ostensible script, and Bryan opened up to Coachman about what his feelings were at the time. According to Bryan, Miz had mentioned some “personal things” that weren’t to his liking, such as his inability to live up to his promise in 2015 that he would return to the ring, only to retire due to issues with concussions.All in all, Bryan felt like “punching (The Miz) in the face” after the Talking Smack promo.

Is it still plausible to hope for Bryan comeback vs. Miz?

Though Bryan said that he currently feels like he’s at 100 percent as far as returning to the ring goes, that’s not the case all of the time. He said that that’s the case nine out of ten days, and that it’s always a hard thing for him not to be wrestling due to the “subjective” nature of concussions, and how one doctor’s opinion on the condition may differ from the other.

As such, there may still be hope for fans who want to see Daniel Bryan return to WWE action as a wrestler, though his health would, and should always be the first priority.

As for what Bryan suggested is a real-life beef with The Miz, he told Coachman that WWE might have to keep them from interacting with each other as much as possible.

This may explain why Bryan was only on a pre-taped segment on Tuesday’s SmackDown, and why he confirmed The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash off the air.

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