Magic Johnson was one of the most well-known basketball players for the Los Angeles Lakers back in their glory days. He was not only the face of the Lakers, for many he was the Lakers. This week his wife Cookie Johnson published her side of the story in the brutally honest memoir "Believing in Magic: My story of Love, Overcoming Adversity, and Keeping the Faith". She shared with readers intimate details of what happened from the moment she heard to the moment they decided this terrifying diagnosis would not break their family.

Please let my baby be safe.

When Magic Johnson announced at a press conference in 1991 that he was HIV positive, Basketball fans all over the world collectively gasped in shock and disappointment.

But none felt the pain as much as the person who was arguably the closet person to him on earth. Not only was a stunned Cookie Johnson heartbroken to hear the news, but she was deathly afraid for the well-being of their baby that she was carrying at the time. After being tested for HIV, Cookie Johnson had to wait almost 10 days to find out if she and her baby had been spared being infected. "I was scared to death about the baby. I mean, I had just found out I was pregnant so it was really early in the pregnancy," Cookie Johnson said as she relived those terrorizing moments.

Confession time to past flames.

Mixed with the relief of knowing the baby was fine, Cookie Johnson had to then make the decision to either stay or leave.

She says that leaving was never even a real option because of her strong love for Magic Johnson. But that didn't stop pain from ripping her heart apart knowing that he had been unfaithful and, as was to become apparent, had strayed multiple times. She said one of the most bitter moments she experienced was waiting while Magic did the right thing and called the women he'd been with to let them know of his HIV status.

According to Cookie Johnson, "It was like, 'Who is he calling? You know, why is he in there so long?' she said. "That was a difficult day."

Mrs. Johnson details these and many other family matters in her new book. She also touches on how she and her husband handled the news when their son, E.J., came out as a gay man.

Her book "Believing in Magic", which just came out, is already the number one bestseller on Amazon in the basketball biographies category, and is looks like it will bea slam dunk hit with lovers of the sport worldwide.

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