Kaepernick was once praised for his performance during the 2012-2013 NFL season, when Colin Kaepernicklead the San Fransisco 49ers to the Superbowl after a 19 year absence. The controversial loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the Superbowl was only thebeginning of Kaepernick's controversial career path.

Kaepernick Sits in Solidarity.

Before the start of the 2016 NFL season San Fransisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick was already making headlines. He beganasilent protest against honoring the country during the National Anthem, which created animosity among the fans and media toward Kaepernick. Kaepernick suggested that his reason behind this disrespectful action was alack of equalityfor minorities.

Since then hehas remained seated during the anthem, began wearing an Afro, and spoke up for those without a voice. The protest has influenced other teams to do the same, alongside many entertainers who began wearing Kaepernick jersey in support of the protest. The protest has been the center of sports news since the start of the season. Every week the focus is, who will stand, who will remain sitting or who will take a knee during the national anthem this time. Recently the Seattle Seahawks attempted to unite by conducting an arm linking protest but it hasn't had nearly the same affect as the San Fransisco quarterback.

We should join Kaepernick

Every week that Kaepernick chooses tosit in solidarity,the more outraged fans become.

People have gone to several extents to voice their frustrations towards Kaepernick. They have even made videos telling him "if you don't respect our country than leave it." Thelarge amount of negative backlash from the media and fanshas created thequestions like the following one: Is Colin Kaepernick taking the right approach towards trying to create change?

Ultimately that's up for society to decide but, using his popular image to bring attention to the unjust treatment towards minorities doesn't hurt society.

There is nothing wrong with him using our first amendment right,freedom of speech.Analytics proves that a protest or anything informative is more effective when there's a familiar face attached to it, making the information relatable to the general population.

His affiliationwith one of the most controversial sports in U.S. history also makes sure that hisvoice is more profound. He is not onlywaging a peaceful protest but also a simple one, making it easy for anyone who agrees or that doesn't have a voice to participate. Kaepernick isn't breaking any laws or breaching any contract, but is still able to make a huge change. His biracial background, which includes a white mom and a black dad, makes Colin Kaepernick the perfect athlete to be the face of the Black Lives Matter organization. Although he hasn't announced any official affiliation with the organization, he's definitely proving how seriously the matter should be taken.Let's all join this un-traditional protest with Kaepernick in efforts to make a difference!

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