Saul “Canelo” Alvarez showed the world why he is one of the best young boxers today. On September 17; Canelo faced Liam Smith for the WBO Light Middleweight championship.

12 Round bout ends in the 9th via TKO

Throughout most of the fight, Canelo was not gentle. At the seventh and eighth round, Canelo knocked down Smith with a right to the head and a left to the body. The body shot at the eighth round was the key for his victory in the ninth round. When the ninth round came around, Canelo unleashed hell on Smith. For referee Luis Pabon, enough was enough, and he ended the fight.

With the victory, Canelo was crowded WBO Light Middleweight Champion, and now he holds a 48-1-1 record (for a total of 50 fights).Back on September 14, 2013, Canelo faced Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the WBA, WBC, and light middleweight titles.

Unfortunately for Canelo, he was outclassed by the seasoned veteran. Thus, Mayweather improved his record to 45-0.

Three years later, Canelo has definitely improved a lot since his bout with Mayweather. It won’t be a surprise if Canelo is aiming at breaking Mayweather’s 50-0 streak. Before everyone starts hoping for Canelo’s next fight to be against Mayweather, Canelo will have to win his 50th match.

That doesn’t mean that Canelo’s credibility will be boosted by beating just any fighter. Fighters that also have big match experience are the best opponents for Canelo. At the moment, there are two fighters that are just about right for him; Manny Pacquiao (aka PacMan) and Timothy Bradley.

Reasons why Pacquiao and Bradley are the ideal opponents

Both fighters have fought in big matches throughout their careers; thus making them the right experienced veterans to give Canelo more experience. This is why his fight against Miguel Cotto (11/21/15) provided a big boost to his credibility and experience.

In addition to being veterans, they are not old. Sure, Pacquiao is reaching the age of 38; but that does not disqualify him as a fighter that can possibly beat Canelo. Pacquiao’s experience against a variety of fighters will favor him greatly. He wouldn’t play into Canelo’s game of being an aggressor.

Canelo can learn a lot from a fight with Pacquiao.

Here is why Bradley is also an ideal opponent for Canelo; Bradley is still 33-years-old. So Bradley has the right balance of experience and youth to his advantage. Don’t expect Bradley to make the same mistakes that cost Canelo a loss against Mayweather. Just like Pacquiao, Bradley also has big match experience; including 1 victory (out of 3) against Pacquaio.

There are dream matches for Canelo outside of Boxing; but we know that is not happening.To sum it up, Saul Alvarez is just a few fights away from facing Mayweather in a rematch. If the rematch ever occurs, there should be a huge difference from their first fight in 2013. Alvarez will no longer be the youngling that underestimated Mayweather and Alvarez will hopefully force Mayweather to fight at his best.

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