Tennessee Vols

The tennessee Vols entered the season with a lot of hype. In fact, they were ranked as the #9 team in the AP Poll to start the year. However, after a tough early game against some inferior opponents, Tennessee is now at #15 and some people think that is too high. The Vols have rebuilt their roster in recent years under head Football coach Butch Jones. However, the time is now for them to take the next step and to beat Florida. The Gators are without a lot of offensive firepower this year, and they recently lost their quarterback for an extended period of time.

The Vols have had to deal with a lot of injuries as well.

However, they still should have the overall talent advantage heading into this game. Only time will tell if the Vols can shake the demons of the past, but with the Gators having won 11 straight in the series, this has to be on the mind of all of the players involved.

Florida Gators

The Gators are also 3-0 on the season, but they have done so with a lot less limelight. They have yet to play a quality opponent, and their best team was probably against Kentucky. This is the same Kentucky that lost to Southern Miss and gave up 35 first half point to New Mexico. Florida has yet to be tested, but they did lose their starting quarterback for a while last night while playing North Texas. This is a big blow to the team, but this is not something that should hurt them against the Vols.

Tennessee has one of the worst offensive lines in the SEC, and this is a strength of the Gators. The Gators have a great defense, and their defensive line is the best position group on the team. This is one of those games where one teams biggest strength matches up against the biggest weakness. If Tennessee is going to win this game, they are going to have to protect the quarterback better than they have so far this season.

For the prediction, I think that Florida is going to continue their streak over the Vols. Although Tennessee does have more overall talent, Florida matches up really well against this Tennessee team.

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