Cam Newton is off to a pretty good start against the Denver Broncos defense. So far, he's led the Panthers on two touchdown drives, throwing one of those to Kelvin Benjamin and running one in himself. Newton decided to debut a brand new dance the second time he scored a touchdown. Unfortunately, this dance did not quite have the same quality as the legendary dab.

Cam Newton's dance

If you haven't had a chance to catch Cam's latest new dance,the video is posted for you below.

It's hard not to respect the confidence, but it is much harder to respect the quality of Cam's celebration.

Thankfully Cam was able to partially save his dance by linking it to his legendary Superman routine. Unfortunately, the damage to his reputation had already been done. What do you even call that? The beauty of the dab was in its simplicity. This dance requires far too many movements and ends up looking disjointed and terrible by the end. Cam's a great professional Football player, but he just proved that he's not a great dancer.

Cam's first half performance

Aside from the dancing, Cam Newton's first half performance is nothing to sneer at. He's responsible for two touchdowns and has already racked up 88 passing yards to go with 15 rushing yards. Even more important is the fact that Cam Newton has been able to evade turnovers against a really tough Broncos defense that forced a ton in the Super Bowl last season.

Cam Newtonlooks like he really wants to take out hisrevenge on a Broncos team that humiliated their offense in the Super Bowl. The Broncos defense basically won the game while dealing with a Peyton Manning who was pretty terrible for the whole game. Now the Panthers are trying to beat a Broncos team led by unproven quarterback Trevor Siemian, who has looked pretty good tonight.

Will Cam come up with a better dance?

Cam Newton has decided to evade the dab this year, but his current dance is not a better alternative. Newton will have to come up with a far better dance if he wants to be mimicked by the nation again this season. For now, he will continue to throw passes to Kelvin Benjamin, who missed all of 2015 with an injury.

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