Before the start of the NFL season, every NFL writer had to make some bold predictions. Most predictions involved positive projections about the team's future chances, but some were a bit negative. None of the writers were as bad as Mike Rodak, who predicted a terrible start to the year for the Buffalo Bills.

Rodak's Prediction.

Rodak suggested that the Bills would start the season with a 0-4 record thanks to some injuries and issues within the team. Few Blls fans bought into his suggestion at the time, but a poor start to the year made Rodak look like a genius. The Bills were 0-2 after the first two weeks and now had to take on a Cardinals team that had just destroyed the Buccaneers 40-7.

The Bills would also have to play the game without two of their superstars, Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby.

Rodak is Proven Wrong.

The Bills first drive went downhill fast and it looked like the offense might again prove futile. But the Bills defense completely stifled the Cardinals offense in the first half while LeSean McCoy led the teamto a big halfime lead. Good plays for the Bills continued in the second half when Tyrod Taylor ran into the end zone for a touchdown. It also didn't hurt to pick up a touchdown on a botched field goal. The Bills would go on to win the game by a final score of 33-18, proving Rodak hilariously wrong in the process.

Underrated Home Field Advantage.

Not many NFL fans recognize just how insanely awesome Bills fans are.

When Buffalo is playing well, the roar of the crowd is deafening and it is hard to communicate. Carson Palmer threw four interceptions and the Bills crowd has to be given credit for that. You really have to hand it to Bills fans who could have easily bailed and given up on the season after starting 0-2.

The Bills Mafia definitely believes in the Bills chances, even if there is someone who doesn't.

Rodak Can't be Negative After a Victory.

The Bills reporter cannot have anything negative to say after such a dominant performance on both sides of the ball. Bills fans on Twitter are certainly happy to see the ESPN personality keep his mouth shut.

Bills fans should hope to see a victory against the Patriots next week. Rodak is a known Patriots supporter and nothing would be more sweet than knocking off the Patriots and sticking it to a reporter who refuses to believe in the Bills chances every single year.

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