Week One Shocker

In a shocking turn of events, the Denver Broncos beat Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in the Kickoff Game for the 2016 NFL season. They had a miraculous come from behind victory, scoring two touchdowns in the final quarter, to win the game 21-20. For three quarters of the game, the Panthers had the victory locked two, holding the Broncos to a single touchdown.

Experts predicted the Broncos to lose the game, even if only by a small margin. Most people predicted that without Peyton Manning the Broncos would flounder for a while before bouncing back, but the Broncos just proved that they have just as solid a team with or without the now-retired quarterback at the helm.

Broncos in their next game

In week two the Denver Broncos will play the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are a tough team, much like the Panthers, but the Colts aren’t as good of a team on the defense as the Panthers are. Despite having Peyton Manning as the quarterback, in 2015 the Broncos had a higher rated defense, coming in at number one with the offense coming in at sixteen.

It is fair to say that most of the Broncos success comes from their tight defense rather than their offense. Because of this, the Broncos are likely to win their next game against the Colts. As long as the Broncos don’t have too many injuries to their defensive leaders, it is safe to assume they have at least a shot at getting back to the playoffs.

Broncos completely changed public opinions about their abilities in one game. Beating the Panthers, who everyone assumed would beat the Broncos gave the team itself back its credibility, and now people will stop assuming that the team only succeeded because of Peyton Manning.

However, it remains to be seen whether Manning leaving will cause enough of a drop in their offensive power to keep them out of the top of their division.

The Kansas City Chiefs still have a better chance at winning the division, but maybe now people can see that the Broncos aren’t out of the running quite yet.

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