Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has become proof that the backlash against NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem is far from over. Following his decision to kneel for the anthem Thursday night as the Broncos opened the NFL season with a win over the Carolina Panthers, Marshall was removed as one of the brand ambassadors of the Air Academy Federal Credit Union, or AAFCU.

Marshall’s actions are not representative of AAFCU’s ideals, says statement

The AAFCU is an organization geared toward assisting military families, and was chartered in 1955 as a way to serve the Air Force Academy’s cadets and officers and their civilian relatives.

With these strong ties to the U.S. military, the credit union said in a statement on Friday that Marshall’s move not to stand for the national anthem went against what it stands for. The linebacker had been serving as one of AAFCU’s endorsers and spokesmen for the past five-plus months.

In the statement, AAFCU president and CEO Glenn Strebe said that since the membership-based credit union has “proudly served” the military and its surrounding community for more than 60 years, Marshall’s kneeling for the national anthem does not count as a representation of the credit union’s membership and the organization itself. Interestingly, the AAFCU’s most recent ad from earlier this week advertised a “Rockies suite night with Brandon Marshall,” just days before he was dropped as an endorser.

Marshall says he isn’t protesting against the U.S. or its police officers

Another interesting thing about this new national anthem protest is the fact that Marshall had played college football with Colin Kaepernick, suiting up for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack in the NCAA. He’s also the fourth NFL player to sit or kneel during the national anthem in recent weeks, following Kaepernick, his San Francisco 49ers teammate Eric Reid, and the Seattle Seahawks’ Jeremy Lane.

But unlike his old college teammate, Marshall says his motivations for the protest have nothing to do with law enforcement or the United States, and aren’t meant to offend the military either.

Speaking after the Broncos beat the Panthers at home, 21-20, on Thursday, Marshall said that the main reason behind his protest is the prevalence of “social injustice” in America.

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