If you're a Bills fan, there's a pretty good chance that you aren't a big fan of reporter Mike Rodak. The former Patriots journalist seems to always have negative predictions in store for the Buffalo Bills. Thankfully, the team managed to prove Rodak's bold prediction wrong last week in a superb home victory over the Arizona Cardinals. The Bills will travel to New England this week to take on a 3-0 Patriots team that will be playing its fourth game without Tom Brady. Bills players are making preparations, but there's no better preparation for the game than the following video.

Mike Rodak the Star.

Has anybody actually seen Mike Rodak in person? The lanky reporter has plenty of long strides in his wheelhouse and broke them all out in the following video for Bills fans to see.

It's really hard not to laugh and smile at the entire process of the video. The song in the background is what really makes the entire production of the Twitter video better. After watching this, it's hard not to call Mike Rodak the dorkiest reporter in the world. But you have to admire his courage and determination to jog across the field and get to the pylon!

It's almost like he could play in the NFL! In all seriousness, the video is good for a laugh and Bills fans can enjoy laughing at Mike Rodak instead of having himlaugh at the Bills for at least a few days.

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots.

The only thing that would make the events of the past week sweeter would be a victory over the hated New England Patriots.

The Bills haven't been able to beat the Patriots in most games in the last few years, but will have a unique opportunity against a Patriots team that might actually play Julian Edelman at quarterback. Even if Garoppolo can play, the Bills will still get more of a chance on the road than they would have had against a Tom Brady led New England Patriots team.

After last week, Mike Rodak had absolutely nothing negative to say about the Buffalo Bills. This week, the Bills will look to shut him up again and improve to 2-2 by securing a win over the Patriots.

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