Marquise Goodwin is tired of hearing complaints about his injuries every single season. Goodwin has had some amazing practices and currently appears unstoppable heading into the regular season. Those practices have given the wide receiverthe confidence to publicly announce that he would have a huge year to all Bills fans. But his talent has never been the issue. Goodwin seems to be hit with the injury bug in any game he plays in. This year, hevowed to have a huge year for the Bills.

Proving Himself Right

Marquise Goodwin believes in himself more than anyone else. And the following quote let Bills fans know just how motivated Goodwin is to have a great year in 2016.

It's awesome to see that Goodwin has so much confidence, but I'd like to see him deliver on the field before giving out a full endorsement. In his last two years, Goodwin has caught only three passes for less than 100 receiving yards. That's not the kind of production the Bills are looking for from a complementary receiver.

Bills Fans Want More

Earlier in the year, Goodwin went down with an injury during a Buffalo Bills practice. The reactions from Bills fans were predictable. The receiverwas ripped on Twitter for his injury history and inabilityto stay on the field.

And who wouldn't be frustrated? Goodwin was taking a roster spot away from a potentially more deserving player who could stay healthy.

This could be the last chance Goodwin gets to finally appease the Bills fans who are tired of watching Goodwin get hurt in almost every game he plays in. But Goodwin isn't drawing support from the negative criticisms.

Instead, he will look within himself to find the motivation he is looking for. If he can't produce, Marquisecould be without a future in Buffalo.

Marquise Goodwin's Future

Even if Goodwin fails to impress this season, he will get another chance in his Olympic sport. His speed will also be in high demand throughout the NFL because few cornerbacks in the league can run at a pace as fast as Goodwin.

For now, Marquise will look to prove all his doubters wrong with a huge year for the Bills at wide receiver in 2016.

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