The Buffalo Bills struggled in their first game against the Baltimore Ravens. The offense struggled to move the ball aside from one touchdown drive that was capped off by a LeSean McCoy touchdown drive. Tyrod Taylor couldn't do anything, throwing for just 111 passing yards by completing a large number of checkdown passes.

But the Ravens weren't much better on offense, scoring just 13 points for the duration of the game. Seven of those points came on a touchdown pass to Mike Wallace, who broke free of the defense. The biggestperson to blame for theloss?It can be placed on head coach Rex Ryan, who made mistakes on that play and several others throughout.

Mike Wallace error

According to reporter Joe Buscaglia, Rex Ryan forgot to double Mike Wallace on the huge scoring play and the fault is his own.

The deep threat hasn't done much for the last few years of his career, but he definitely burned the Bills defense on his long catch. It's just too bad that Rex Ryan couldn't keep his defense disciplined enough to prevent the touchdown from happening. And it's part of a pattern that also plagued the Bills last year that look like they will continue again this season.

Clock mismanagement

Rex Ryanreally struggled to use his timeouts effectively.

This was partially due to the fact that the plays weren't getting to quarterback Tyrod Taylor on time. When the Bills finally did getto the line, there were always less than ten seconds remaining on the play clock. This made it extremely difficult for the Bills not to burn unnecessary timeouts that could have been used later in the game.

Two timeouts that the Bills used in the second half could have been used to prevent the clock from running out at the end of the game. Because they used them, the Bills had a limited chance at a comeback victory. The Bills also used two timeouts in the first half, something that could have helped them make a last second drive at the end of the half.

Rex Ryan also chose to allow the clock to run out at the end of the first half, ignoring the opportunity that a punt return could have generated for the Bills offense.


This was a major theme last year, as the Bills were among the most penalized teams in the league. This time, several defensive penalties, including a roughing the passer call on Jerry Hughes, led to Ravens first downs. The Bills also accumulated a unforgivable delay of game penalty and several others that hurt their chances throughout the game. If the Bills want to win their next game, they will have to be much more disciplined and try not to come to the games doing things like this.

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