Bengals vs Steelers

A divisional matchup between two teams most likely to win the AFC North. Both teams are very strong, but the Bengals have the edge here. Despite that, it will be hard fought game. The Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t known for their soft defense. Both teams won their week one games meaning that neither team is going to be willing to let their first loss be in such an important game. The Cincinnati Bengals might have won the division last year, but the Steelers beat them in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. However, the game was still extremely close, much like this game will probably end up being.

Chiefs vs Texans

This is fairly even match up on the offense. The Kansas City Chiefs are a much better team when it comes to passing, but the Houston Texans have the edge when it comes to rushing. However, the Texans are a very strong defensive team, and are unlikely to let the Chiefs offense play as the like, which will make it hard for the Chiefs to make the big passes they need to win this game.

Colts vs Broncos

While this was a much more hyped matchup when Peyton Manning played for the Broncos, it will still be a good game regardless. The Indianapolis Colts may have a stronger offense with Andrew Luck leading the team, but the Denver Broncos defense is still one of the best in the league, and they certainly proved it during week one.

The Broncos are likely to win this game, especially since it looks like Trevor Siemian is doing just fine in the hot seat. His completion percentage was 69.2%, but he did have two interceptions.

Falcons vs Raiders

Two teams known to struggle a bit under pressure, but the Oakland Raiders managed to pull off a last minute touchdown against the New Orleans Saints giving them a much needed week one win.

However, the Atlanta Falcons, while not as much of an offensive threat, are a much harder defense to play. The Raiders are not going to be able to make those last minute plays against the Falcons, who are great at forcing a rush game. The Falcons are likely to win the game, since the Raiders are unlikely to make repeat of week one.

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