One-on-one rematch

A little bit over two weeks ago; AJ Styles defeated Dean Ambrose to win his first WWE World Championship. Ever since then, the “Lunatic Fringe” was entitled to a rematch against the “Phenomenal One”. At first, it seemed like there wasn’t going to be a one-on-one rematch; since Commissioner Shane McMahon last week announced that the WWE World Championship was going to be defended in a triple threat match. So the main event for No Mercy is going to be; AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena, for the WWE World Championship.

On Smackdown Live, we got to witness the one-on-one rematch instead of having to wait for a triple-threat match at No Mercy (October 9th).Just like their PPV clash, Ambrose was in control towards the end of the match.

Styles was on the apron and easy prey for the former world champion. The “Lunatic Fringe” successfully hung his opponent on the top rope. Styles tried to counter; but it came to no avail as he was knocked off the apron on to the barricade.

The fight outside didn’t last too long as both men were back inside the ring within a few minutes. Once Styles had gotten control of the match, Ambrose got a second wind and started to fight back. He soon got the champion hanging on the top rope; right where it hurts any man. Off the turnbuckle, Ambrose connected with a powerful clothesline to further the match in his favor. Still; Ambrose’s momentum was short lived. The fight went outside yet again and Styles was in control.

Once he rolled his opponent back into the ring, he got a cheap shot on Cena (whom was doing commentary). Cena was going to have none of it; so he tried to interfere in the match. Referee Charles Robinson was distracted by Cena’s attempt to interfere that he also missed Ambrose’s pin attempt. By the time that Robinson realized that there was a pin attempt, Styles kicked out at the two count.Ambrose then got a cheap shot at Cena for costing him the title.

With Ambrose turning his attention at Cena, Styles took advantage of the distraction to roll up Ambrose for the pin and the victory.Right after the match, Cena got the last laugh; as he nailed the ‘Attitude Adjustment’ on his opponents for No Mercy.

Post-Match Analysis

The match overall was really good; even for a televised event.

The match started off at a good pace; both competitors have solid chemistry, so that is a plus. This type of match gives a huge meaning to Smackdown Live; thus proving it the weekly show is worth watching. Now; it’s just a matter of AJ Styles carrying himself and being booked as a credible WWE World Champion. As for Dean Ambrose, it’s important to keep him as a huge threat to the champion; his most recent victory over Cena boosted his momentum and it has to stay like that. Cena is Cena; we know how he works, so there is no need to explain any more.

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