The dreams and wishes of seeing AJ Styles win the WWE World Championship finally came through at tonight’s Backlash. Back in the Royal Rumble, Styles made his long awaited WWE debut during the Royal Rumble match. Shortly after the Rumble, Styles entered into a feud with Chris Jericho. Styles later shifted his focus to Reigns’ WWE World Championship. Throughout the course of their feud, Styles was unable to win the championship. After John Cena returned from injury, at ‘Money in the Bank,’ AJ defeated Cena at Battleground The feud came to an end at the SummerSlam, when Styles scored a clean win over Cena.

Styles returned to the championship picture when he was drafted to Smackdown. Nothing screams credibility and momentum other than victory over John Cena.

Dean Ambrose hot streak

Dean Ambrose has been on a hot streak since he won the WWE World Championship at Money in the Bank (cashing in right after Seth Rollins had retained the title) and successfully retained his championship win against Rollins at Battleground

The match started off at a good pace; with both competitors being equal in most ways. It didn’t take long for Ambrose and Styles to pick up the pace. Styles was the early aggressor in the match and the key moment that became a contributor to Styles’ victory was when he nailed a drop-toehold to send Ambrose’s upper chest and neck into the middle rope.

From that point on, Ambrose’s injury slowed him down and it allowed for Styles to apply more damage to the neck and then the legs.

Despite the setback, Ambrose was putting up a fight. The “Lunatic Fringe” did a good job living up to being unpredictable even with all the damage that Styles was causing.

In what seem like a typical WWE booking, Ambrose looked like he was going to win as everything that Styles threw at him was not enough to put down Ambrose.

Towards the end of the match, it seemed that even if Styles were to hit the Styles Clash, Ambrose would still kick out. Things were not looking good for Styles once Ambrose started brawling and taking the fight outside the ring.

Then when Ambrose brought Styles back into the ring, Styles hit Ambrose with a Pele kick. Ambrose retaliated with a brutal clothesline to take down Styles. Ambrose needed one more hit to secure the victory. Just as Ambrose was setting up Dirty Deeds, Styles pushed Ambrose into the referee. With the referee distracted, Styles low-blowed Ambrose and then set up the Styles Clash. Surprisingly, he left the Richmond Coliseum as the new WWE World Champion.

Perfect chance for Styles

Given that this was Smackdown’s first exclusive PPV event since the WWE Draft, this was the perfect chance for Styles to win the championship. His heel turn was a great buildup to this championship victory which will lead to more a compelling episode of Smackdown.

As mentioned, it is surprising that he got the victory, since WWE does have a history of not favoring talent from rival promotions. Then again, when someone with a big name picks up a victory over Cena, that person has a path that leads to success.

Now that AJ Styles is the WWE World Champion, the first logical step is for Ambrose to get a rematch. WWE has three weeks to properly book the ‘Styles vs. Ambrose’ feud until Smackdown’s next PPV; No Mercy. The best thing to do with Styles as champion is to continue with his current heel character and protect it to the best of their ability. Even with the loss, Ambrose still looked strong and worthy of a rematch. In order to protect Ambrose’s credibility, he needs to pick up victories over big names.

Yes; his character is that of a heel; but after this huge victory, it will hurt him if he resorts to being a cowardly heel throughout his reign.

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