For the third time in two days, WWE has suspended one of its wrestlers for a first violation of the Wellness Policy. This time, it’s that SmackDown Live women’s wrestler whose debut on the show keeps getting postponed for one storyline reason or another – Eva Marie.

Suspensions keep coming following Del Rio and Paige sanctions

With WWE’s announcement Thursday afternoon that Eva Marie (a.k.a. Natalie Coyle in real life) will immediately serve a 30-day suspension for violating the Wellness Policy, this brought up the number of suspended wrestlers this week to three. On Wednesday afternoon, WWE posted separate announcements confirming the suspensions of Alberto Del Rio and real-life girlfriend Paige, both of whom will likewise be out for 30 days for their first Wellness Policy strike.

Prior to the sanction, Eva Marie was working a gimmick where her debut as a member of the SmackDown Live roster never gets to take place. After pulling out of matches due to injury, a wardrobe malfunction, then a traffic jam on the way to the stadium, Marie was confirmed Tuesday to take part in a six-woman tag team match at Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. With Marie obviously unable to compete at the event, it remains to be seen whether WWE will cancel the match or redesign it around her absence.

Is this particular suspension part of Eva Marie's ongoing gimmick/storyline?

Typically, Wellness Policy sanctions posted on WWE’s website are real-life violations of the company’s anti-substance abuse policy.

In fact, none of the 50-plus Wellness suspensions and terminations since the program was instituted in 2006 have been part of a storyline. But there’s a chance things may be different with Eva Marie.

As mentioned above, Marie’s gimmick has been that of a vain woman who has a knack for weaseling out of scheduled matches.

With WWE’s writers having tried a variety of reasons to justify her refusal to compete, it isn’t implausible that the Wellness Policy suspension could be a “work,” or a scripted event. In the world of professional Wrestling, such a possibility cannot be counted out. Still, history suggests a much greater chance that this suspension, like the many ones before it, is not a part of any existing storyline.

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