The post-SummerSlam “Fallout” episode of SmackDown Live proved to be just as solid as Monday Night RAW was earlier in the week. Unlike previous episodes, more things on this SmackDown episode made sense than they did in earlier weeks, while the Wrestling action and backstage segments were more hit than miss.

AJ Styles says he’s the new “face who runs this place.”

SmackDown started with AJ Styles, fresh off his win against John Cena at SummerSlam, calling himself “the new face who runs this place” and proclaiming “The Phenomenal One is HERE!” After calling Dolph Ziggler a “loser,” a fight broke out between both men, who had to be restrained by other wrestlers and officials.

After another brawl had erupted later on in the evening, Styles and Ziggler were booked for a number one contender match for the WWE World Championship, with a bit of a twist; if Ziggler wins, he, Styles, and reigning WWE World champ Dean Ambrose will fight in a three-way match at the SmackDown-exclusive Backlash pay-per-view, and if Styles wins, it would be just him and Ambrose fighting for the belt. Following several false finishes, with both men remaining evenly matched for most of the fight, it was Styles who ended up victorious, finishing off Ziggler with the Styles Clash.

Orton and Shane McMahon make references to Lesnar match at SummerSlam

Although Brock Lesnar works for the RAW brand, his brutal technical knockout win over Randy Orton at SummerSlamwas addressed multiple times on last night’s SmackDown Live.

Prior to the show, it was confirmed that Lesnar would receive a storyline fine of $500 for his actions. And during the show itself, Orton showed off the staples he got in his head as a result of the Lesnar beatdown, adding that he will cross paths again with “The Beast.”

Later on, SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon made yet another reference to Lesnar, who had hit him with an F5 following the SummerSlam match.

McMahon said that he still has unfinished business with Lesnarand that their feud is “far from over.” This could hint at a brand vs. brand feud at some point in the future, with part-timer Lesnar representing the RAW brand at an upcoming pay-per-view.

Going back to the Orton segment, he wasn’t able to finish his promo, as he was interrupted by the arrival of Bray Wyatt, who appeared without Erick Rowan after their apparent issues the week before.

This clearly points to Orton’s next feud being against Wyatt, though we still don’t know for sure whether The Wyatt Family is already a thing of the past.

Heath Slater’s “free agent” storyline continues with Rhyno partnership

The most notable undercard action, once again, came from a man who isn’t even signed to either the RAW or SmackDown brands. Heath Slater continued his quest to be signed to any one of the two brands, as he interrupted the announcement of SmackDown’s new tag team and women’s titles to demand a place in the tournament for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

When general manager Daniel Bryan said he can join provided he finds a partner before the show is over, Slater went to work right away, unsuccessfully asking The Miz, then long-retired road agent Arn Anderson if they wanted to team up.

He eventually found an unlikely partner in Rhyno, who had defeated Slater a few weeks back when the latter made one of this first attempts to win a contract.

Meanwhile, the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship kicked off on last night's episode, with the babyfaces winning both matches -- American Alpha defeated Breezango, while The Usos went over The Ascension.

Quick results:

Becky Lynch d. Alexa Bliss

The Usos d. The Ascension (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament)

Nikki Bella d. Carmella (Carmella turns heel after match by attacking Bella from behind)

American Alpha d. Breezango (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament)

AJ Styles d. Dolph Ziggler (Number one contender match for WWE World Championship)

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