WWEcontinued its pattern of hot main event booking and lukewarm, largely uninteresting midcard booking on Tuesday night's episode of SmackDown Live, the go-home SmackDown for Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view.And here's why that was again the case on last night's episode.

Ambrose and Ziggler guest on Miz TV and keep feud moving forward

The Miz helped kick things off with another Miz TV segment, as the reigning Intercontinental champion helped fuel the tensions between Ziggler and Dean Ambrose ahead of theirWWE World title match at SummerSlam. The heated argument between both title contenders ended with Ziggler superkicking Ambrose, looking like a strong challenger for the World title with mere days remaining before the SummerSlam match.

Later on in the evening, Ambrose easily defeated Wyatt Family member Erick Rowanin a quick and easy match. What was quite interesting, though, was how Bray Wyatt left Rowan's sheep mask in his rocking chair before walking away — could we finally be seeing The Wyatt Family break up once and for all?

American Alpha continues to underwhelm through no fault of theirs

SmackDown Livewill be getting its own tag team titles, but WWE fans don't seem to be getting too much behind the division's next big things — former NXT Tag Team champions American Alpha. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan again looked better than everyone else in a chaotic 12-man tag team match where they hit their Grand Amplitude finisher on The Vaudevillains' Aiden English to pick up the win.

But it was hard to seethem as a top threat, as none of the tag teams in the heel group have done enough to get heat in recent weeks. Breezango were barely on TV and mostly lost in singlesbefore teaming up, while The Ascension and The Vaudevillains, especially the former team, have been designated light-counters of sorts in tag team competition for quite some time now.

Six-woman tag team match confirmed forSummerSlam

The women of SmackDown will also be getting their own belt in due time, and while the tag team match featuring Becky Lynch and Carmella versus Natalya and Alexa Bliss was nothing special, WWE did a couple things right on tonight's SmackDown Live episode.

Still, that didn't change the overall feeling of the SmackDown women's storylineslooking like they were throwntogether at the last minute.

For the past three weeks, the much-reviledEva Marie has failed to compete for one reason or another — two weeks ago, it was a phantom injury, thenit was a wardrobe malfunction, and now, it was her being stuck in trafficon the way to the arena. That was a good move, and sowas Naomi's new babyface gimmick after months as a stale heel character — she debuted a new glow-in-the-dark costume and gave freebies to the crowdwhile making her way tothe ring.

Still, announcinga six-woman tag team matchwith Lynch, Carmella, and Naomi versus Natalya, Bliss, and Eva Marie seemed more than a bit rushed, and with eleven matches now confirmed for SummerSlam, there's a good chance that may end up on the pre-show.

WWE makes John Cena look strong again in closing segment

The final match of the evening saw John Cena defeat Alberto Del Rio, with Cena's SummerSlam opponent AJ Styles as guest commentator. The match itself was more than decent, with Del Rio getting lots of opportunities on offense despite him taking the loss, and Styles was excellent on commentary. But it did seem a bit strange for Cena to look like the better man when he hit an AA on Styles on the announce table once the match was over. Did WWE really need to make Cena remind Styles that he's still considered by many to be "The Face Who Runs the Place"?

Quick results:

American Alpha, The Hype Bros., and The Usos d. Breezango, The Ascension, and The Vaudevillains (12-man tag match)

Naomi vs.

Eva Marie called off

Heath Slater d. Randy Orton via DQ (Slater still denied SmackDown contract)

Dean Ambrose d. Erick Rowan (non-title match)

Becky Lynch and Carmella d. Natalya and Alexa Bliss

John Cena d. Alberto Del Rio

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