Last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW can be defined by one match, and one match alone – the four-way elimination match for the WWE Universal Championship vacated last week by the injured Finn Balor. The match was won by Kevin Owens, drawing lots of praise from Wrestling fans all over the world, but what also proved to be interesting was how he won that match – with a little help from WWE’s on-screen Chief Operating Officer – Triple H.

Triple H makes the first appearance since WrestleMania to help Owens win Universal title

RAW started with a “Fatal Four-Way Forum” featuring the competitors for the night’s main event – Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Big Cass – taking part in a panel discussion moderated by announcer Corey Graves.

Just as expected, the discussion degenerated into a brawl, with Reigns triggering the chaos and looking the strongest in the four-way brawl, probably to make up for his lack of memorable quotes.

The match itself turned out to be, by far, the highlight of the evening. Owens started out biding his time and letting the other three attack each other. But it wouldn’t be long before all four men would get sufficient opportunities to show their wares, with none appearing more dominant than the rest. Big Cass was the first to get eliminated, taking a Superman Punch from Reigns, a kick to the head from Rollins, and finally, a Frog Splash from Owens to seal the elimination.

Several minutes later, Triple H made a surprise appearance in the match, taking advantage of the no-disqualification nature of the match to ambush Reigns with a Pedigree outside the ring.

He then helped Rollins back into the ring, urging him to pin Reigns, which he did, reducing the field down to two. But the big shock came when Triple H interfered once again, hitting another Pedigree, and this time on Seth Rollins, seemingly betraying him and setting up what could be a face turn for “The Architect.” With Rollins down, Owens took advantage and went for the pin, and soon had his hand raised by Triple H as WWE’s new Universal Champion.

The rest of the show: Gallows and Anderson deservemore than comedy segments

The rest of the Monday Night RAW card included a mix of solid upper-mid card matches (Chris Jericho vs. Neville, Sheamus vs. Cesaro), jobber squashes featuring Braun Stowman, Nia Jax, and even Sami Zayn in a quick and easy win over recently-rehired Jinder Mahal, and baffling feuds, such as the ongoing Darren Young/Bob Backlund vs.

Titus O’Neil rivalry, and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson’s continued beef with The New Day.

The biggest head-scratcher of the night, unfortunately, was how WWE seems to keep booking Gallows and Andersonin a comedy role. For the past few weeks, the two New Japan veterans have appeared in comedy skits, with the latest one having them drop their “doctor” shtick for the “retirement business,” a reference to the sendoff they gave to the exiting Dudley Boyz on the previous week’s RAW. The skits have had their funny moments, though given their reputation entering WWE earlier this year, Gallows and Anderson deserve to be booked in a tougher, more intimidating role.

At this point, they’re still legitimate contenders for The New Day’s WWE World Tag Team titles.

But two things worked against them last night – their continued comedy role and a loss in six-person tag team action that also featured Dana Brooke (with Gallows and Anderson) and Bayley (with The New Day). The payoff to all this may still be the tag team belts, but at this point, the ongoing Gallows/Anderson vs. New Day feud is getting tedious and tiring.

Quick results:

Chris Jericho d. Neville

Nia Jax d. Hyan

Sami Zayn d. Jinder Mahal

Bayley and The New Day d. Dana Brooke, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson (Six-person mixed tag team match)

Sheamus d. Cesaro (Sheamus leads 2-0 in best-of-seven series)

Braun Strowman d. Americo

Darren Young d. Titus O’Neil

Kevin Owens d. Big Cass, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins (Fatal Four-Way match for WWE Universal Championship)

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