The August 1 edition of Monday Night RAWmarked another strong showing for WWE as it continues to celebrate its "New Era," and here's how things went down last night at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mixed tag team booking baffles many

The night’s opening segment featured new WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks cutting a promo and celebrating her title win from last week’s RAW, only for her to get interrupted by former champion Charlotte, then by Chris Jericho, who wasted no time making fun of Banks and her nickname of “The Boss.” With Enzo Amore (sans Big Cass) stepping in to even things out, an entertaining mic battle became even more so, but the subsequent mixed tag team match pitting Banks and Amore versus Charlotte and Jericho left some fans scratching their heads.

It seldom looks good when a champion loses his or her first match wearing the title, even if it’s a non-title match. But that’s what happened when Banks took the loss, as Charlotte took advantage of distractions from lackey Dana Brooke, then from Jericho, to pull off the win. This may have been done to build up more heat for the top feud in the women’s division, but having Banks lose her first televised match as champ was still a questionable booking decision.

Roman Reigns could be next in line for U.S. Championship

For the first time in what seems like an eternity, Roman Reigns was getting more cheers than boos from the fans. That may have been because he’s finally been put in a feud that one would associate with the midcard – a feud for the United States Championship currently held by Rusev.

After Rusev made quick work of Mark Henry in a title match for the U.S. Championship, the "Bulgarian Brute" went on a promo where he dissed America as usual, and scoffed at its chances of winning gold medals in the upcoming Rio Olympics. In came Reigns to save the day, possibly setting up a title match for the U.S.

belt at SummerSlam.

Despite being booked as a babyface, Reigns has been a lightning rod for negative heat from WWE fans, due to how he’s been perceived as someone forced down the throats of fans as the next “face of the company.” But his apparent trip to WWE’s doghouse following his Wellness Policy violation may be the best thing to happen to him – he’s not a bad wrestler by any means, but plans to put him over as a main event champion have obviously not gone down well.

Last two segments save otherwise hit-or-miss RAW

With the rest of the episode coming with a few highs and lows, but nothing too high nor low, the last two segments of RAW delivered the goods and then some. WWE Universal Championship contender Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn had an entertaining main event match, with both men coming off as evenly-matched, and Zayn looking good even as he lost the match cleanly. Rollins also had asolidback-and-forth promo earlier in the evening with Universal title rival Finn Balor, and their title match at SummerSlam is still shaping up as a potential classic.

Closing out this week's RAW episode was the expected return of Paul Heyman, as he accompanied Brock Lesnar to the ring and cut an incendiary promo on Lesnar'sSummerSlam opponent Randy Orton.

It had been months since Heyman had last been on WWE television, but he came back with a bang, saying that Orton "will never hit an RKO on the Beast" to close out his promo. But just as he saidthat, in came Orton, hitting a trademark "RKO out of nowhere" on Lesnar and getting a huge pop from the audience, leaving through the standsjust as referees raced to the ring to get him out of the building.

Quick results:

Charlotte and Chris Jericho d. Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore

Braun Strowman d. Evan Anderholm (local enhancement)

The Shining Stars d. The Golden Truth

Rusev d. Mark Henry (United States Championship match)

Titus O’Neil d. Darren Young

Nia Jax d. Ariel Monroe (local enhancement)

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows d.

The New Day

Cesaro d. Sheamus

Jinder Mahal d. Heath Slater (Winner gets hired by RAW)

Seth Rollins d. Sami Zayn

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