Since his return to WWE in 2012, Paul Heyman has received raves as the best promo man in the business, thanks to his incredible mic skills. His opening catchphrase “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman” almost always served as a sign that fans were about to be enthralled with his intense promos, even if it was oftentimes more of the same – more hype for his client Brock Lesnar. Now, after a few weeks of speculation regarding his contract status with WWE, it looks like Heyman will finally be returning to WWE television, as he is reportedly scheduled to appear on the company’s RAW brand starting tonight.

Return could take place as soon as tonight

A report from Wrestling News cited “several sources” in saying that Heyman will definitely be “returning to RAW.” This comes two weeks after the WWE brand draft, where Lesnar was selected by the RAW brand without Heyman accompanying him to the ring. Following the draft, it was confirmed that Heyman’s contract had quietly expired without any mention from WWE, and that both parties were trying to hammer out a new deal.

Wrestling News did not make any mention of when Heyman will be returning, but a separate report from suggests that he will be back on tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, accompanying Lesnar as he often has since both men came back to WWE in 2012.

Heyman may work on per-date basis

As for Heyman’s future in WWE, he is expected to officially sign a new contract tonight in Atlanta. But according to WrestleZone, the fiery manager may be working on a per-date basis, with no official contract and no specific dates for him to appear. This may be to allow him to work on non-wrestling-related projects, including the Looking4Larry marketing agency, where he is co-owner.

In any case, this should be good news for WWE fans who have missed hearing Heyman’s high-pitched voice talk up the virtues of the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar. And since big returns often mean great television, tonight’s episode of RAW should be one to look out for, with Heyman possibly focusing on Lesnar’s upcoming match at SummerSlam against Randy Orton.

It will be interesting, though, to see how he handles the promo work should he indeed return tonight, considering that Lesnar (RAW) and Orton (SmackDown Live) were drafted by different brands, and thusly appear on different shows.

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