Rumors of former WWE Divas Champion and current RAW women's talentPaige having “backstage heat,” or being an unpopular person in the locker room, have long been swirling, and these haveoften been used as a justification for her lack of meaningful storylines or extendedabsences from the ring. With the British wrestler having been pulled from an upcoming WWE Live tour of Australia and New Zealand, these rumors began firing up again, with many speculating that she has found herself deeper in the WWE doghouse. But in a recent series of tweets, Paige’s mother Saraya Knight, a veteran of the U.K. Wrestling scene, went on record to explain her daughter’s removal from the WWE Live tour.

No “meltdown” involved, just minor injuries

“To all (the) dirt sheets that are slandering my daughter, you might have to get facts right before posting,” read a Twitter post from Knight’s official account, confirming Paige’s injury. She also denied rumors of a locker room or backstage “meltdown,” also denying rumors that her daughter may be due to be released or fired from the company.

A report from Uproxx corroborated the tweets, saying that Paige is indeed out with a neck injury, and will be evaluated by WWE medical officials two weeks from now. Details of the injury are scant, but they do seem to add up, justifying her absence from the WWE Live circuit in the coming weeks.

Injury legit, but doghouse rumors remain

While Knight’s tweets and the Uproxx report do paint a picture of an injured WWE talent unable to do foreign house shows, they haven’t quieted the rumors of the 23-year-old’s purported issues with the locker room and WWE management. Uproxx cited its sources in saying that if the “situation” between Paige and management “doesn’t improve soon,” she may allow her contract to expire and choose not to re-sign with the company.

A separate report from The Wrestling Observer also hints at “other significant problems” that may be a concern for WWE’s so-called “Anti-Diva” and her future with the company. The nature of these problems wasn’t mentioned, but the report added that there hasn’t been any word of Paige potentially being released by WWE, despite her descent from top female talent to jobber to the stars with no storylines of note and greatly reduced TV time.

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