It happened mere hours after WWE suspended Alberto Del Rio for his first Wellness Policy offense, but his real-life girlfriend Paige has also run afoul of the policy. The company announced today on its website that the women's wrestler (b. Saraya-Jade Bevis)will be serving a 30-day suspension for a Wellness Policy violation, which is also her first.

Not a happy birthday for the "Anti-Diva"

Although there were not a few Wrestling fans who predicted that Paige would also get into hot water with WWE, considering her off-screen relationship with Del Rio, it's also worth mentioning that the suspension had a rather curious timing.

The sanction was announced today, which happens to bethe British wrestler's 24th birthday, though like Del Rio's suspension, will actually be taking effect tomorrow, August 18.

Per policy, WWE does not release specifics on the exact nature of Wellness violations, but first violationsforpositive tests not involving marijuana or alcohol always carry a 30-day suspension. Second violations can get a wrestler suspended 60 days, while third violations would have the wrestler terminated from the company, and ineligible for reinstatement for at least one year.

Del Rio a bad influence on Paige?

Days prior to Paige and Del Rio’s suspensions, rumors swirled regarding WWE executive Triple H “not liking” Del Rio and wanting him to leave the company.

According to Daily Wrestling News, it was Triple H’s displeasure with Del Rio that split him and Paige up in last month’s WWE draft, as he sees the 39-year-old Mexican as a “bad influence” on his much younger girlfriend, being someone who “parties a lot,” among other complaints.

Paige's career has also been on downward trajectory

The suspension marks another setback for Paige, who has seemingly seen her WWE career go into a free-fall since her comments from aNovember2015 episode of Monday Night RAW. In an angle with then-WWE Divas Champion Charlotte, Paige remarked that Charlotte's real-life younger brother Reid Flair "didn't have much fight in him," a referenced to his untimely death in March 2013 from a heroin overdose.

While the offending comment was scripted, it caused controversy as WWE allegedly didn't ask permission from the Flair family or notify them that the linewould be used on the show.

Since then, Paige has mostly faded into irrelevance, leading fans to speculate that her de-push may have been a direct consequence of the Reid Flair reference. She has not taken part in any key storylines, and has not competed since the recent brand split due to injuries.

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