The WWE has applied for a new trademark for the term King of the Ring, which makes it look like they plan on bringing back the popular wrestling event.

The news comes via 411mania on Tuesday, and the trademark was in reference to a "show about professional wrestling." This is likely to be a way to help elevate wrestlers following the WWE brand split.

The King of the Ring

The King of the Ring was one of the WWE's original special events, the first taking place in 1985 and won by fan favorite Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

When the WWE moved on to the pay-per-view models, the event took place in one of their annual WWE PPV events from 1993 until 2002.

The wrestling tournament gave a great chance for the WWE to start new gimmicks for wrestlers, as former NWA champion Harley Race became King Harley Race and Macho Man Randy Savage became Macho King Randy Savage.

The special event was also a great chance to hold a tournament, always a popular gimmick in the WWE.

Reviving theTournament

This isn't the first time that the WWE has chosen to revive theKing of the Ring tournament.

They brought it back in 2006 and had Booker T win the championship, becomingKing Booker, arguably his most entertaining gimmick in the WWE.

WilliamRegal won in 2008 to give him a nice gimmick as well, temporarily reviving his career.

Sheamus won the tournament in 2010 and the last wrestler to compete inand win theKing of the Ring tournament was Bad News Barrett, who then became King Barrett for the next year, until his release a few months ago.

The Destination of theEvent

There is no telling where the newKing of the Ring tournament will end up in the WWE.

The company is in the second week of their new brand split, withWWE Monday Night RawandWWE Smackdown Live splitting up their talents and getting their personal PPV events.

The thought process is that the WWE King of the Ring tournament will go to one of the brands, but not both.

There is also a good chance that it will not be a regular PPV event, and instead be a special event for the WWE.

The production was held on WWE television the last few times they rolled it out, but it is more likely to be a WWE Network exclusive this time around.

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